Poem with an explanation: October

Outside things start to change,
colors change in minute ways,
the sun has less time for its rays,
outside things start to change,
birds leave over the days,
emerging blooms of wildflowers come out on the range,
redness grows as evergreen green stays.


The poem above is an acrostic poem of “October”.  The idea was selected because today is October first.  The poem has a form that is similar to other poems of this type that have been on this blog.  The letters in “October” that repeat, the “o’s”, are repeating lines in the poem.  The lines that start with vowels (the first, fourth, and sixth), rhyme with each other.  The lines that start with consonants (the second, third, fifth, and seventh) rhyme with each other.  The idea of the poem was to describe the beginning of fall.