A milestone: One year anniversary of first post

Today is the one year anniversary of the very first post on M. Sakran’s blog of and about poetry and poetry related things.

Please celebrate.

Counting today’s post, there have been 246 posts to the blog.

So far, there have been, among other items in posts, approximately (although hopefully exactly):

30 individual poems (as opposed to poems that were part of some other type of post)

25 poems as part of poem series

30 poems with explanations

29 artworks to inspire poetry

30 poetry topic ideas

29 experimental poetry forms

29 photographs for inspiration

The very first post on the blog can be seen here: very first post.  As can be seen from that post and the ones since, the stated items of having posts of poetry, about poetry, and of poetry related things, have been accomplished.

As a reminder, on this one year anniversary of the first post, M. Sakran’s collection of poetry, First Try, is still available for purchase.

First Try Cover
First Try Copyright 2014 M. Sakran.

Book cover Copyright 2014 eLectio Publishing.  Book cover used with permission.

It can be purchased through the publisher here: First Try,

from Amazon here: First Try,

and from other online retailers.

It is available in print and as an eBook.

As a sample, the first six poems from the book, can be read on the blog here: first six poems.

M. Sakran sincerely hopes that readers of this blog have enjoyed the poetry, learned from the poems with explanations, gotten ideas from the poetry topic ideas, experimented with the experimental poetry forms, and been inspired by the artworks and photographs.

To send M. Sakran any thoughts about the blog, please use the contact form below: