Poetry topic idea: paint

Today’s poetry topic idea is paint.  There are a lot of ways to use the idea of paint in poetry.  Below are some.  A poet could:

  • Actually paint a poem. Rather than writing with a pen or pencil or typing on a keyboard, a poet could paint their poem.  This could turn their poem into art.

  • Be inspired by a painting made by someone else.

  • Paint a picture that inspires a poem.

  • Write about painting a picture.

  • Write about painting something utilitarian like a wall, house, car, etc.

  • Write about how something looks painted in a metaphorical sense, like a landscape.

  • Write about the physical properties of paint. It’s thickness, how it looks, how it dries.

  • Write about paint on a person, like a person might paint their face to be a character in a play.

Post Series: Artworks to inspire poetry: Dog Related: Dream


Asleep in the shade,
of full gardenia bushes,
a breeze blows tree leaves,
the morning sun enlightens,
a faraway place nearby.

This artwork was made using acrylic paint followed by computer alteration

This is the last post in the Artworks to inspire poetry: Dog Related series.  The series has consisted of ten posts that have had artworks and poems in them.  Each of the artworks was made in a different way.  The ways were: colored pencils, markers, charcoal, computer, ink, crayons, chalk, tea and sugar, wood and glue, and acrylic paint.  In addition, various levels of computer alteration were applied to the different artworks.

Poem Series: Experimental Poetry Forms: Starting Rhyme: The dream

The dream, the hope, that’s in the mind,
does seem to be so far away,

and yet the scene of it is clear,
like set within a wooden frame.

The paint is thick on canvas cloth,
no faint design on it is seen,

but still the dream is far away,
though fill the frame it surely does.


(14/40) Experimental Poetry Form: Starting Rhyme