Poetry topic idea: arrows

Today’s poetry topic idea is arrows.  Arrows can be used in poetry in different ways.  A poet could write about:

  • Arrows as weapons. An arrow is part of the weapon “bow and arrow” and a poet could use arrows with this meaning in their poetry.  They could write about war, such as in medieval times, or they could write about hunting.  A poet could use the idea symbolically for many things.

  • Arrows as directional indicators. Arrows can be used to indicate direction.  They can be seen on diagrams, instructions, signs, and roads.  The idea is that the arrow points to something or some place that a person should then engage with.  A poet could use this idea in poetry in different ways.

Here is an example poem using the idea of arrows:

                         sought for.
If only there were directions.
If only something could point the
way and show the path.  The place
sought for is hidden though.  No
way is marked out.  No arrow
                         points the

Experimental Poetry Form: Anapestic tetrameter

Today’s experimental poetry form uses anapestic tetrameter.  There are six lines.  Each line is written in anapestic tetrameter.  The three middle lines rhyme.  Here is an example poem:

A long lost far off path that goes on far from here,
it does wind and does turn and goes past what is known,
through the trees and the hills to the rocks all of stone,
where the light shines on down on a way that is shown,
that goes through a great wall that does block the way on,
that stopped all who did try to move past what was there.