Poetry topic idea: peaceful

Today’s poetry topic idea is peaceful.  The idea of quiet, serenity, and stillness.  The idea of a sense of calm.

There are many images that can come from the idea of peaceful.  Some examples include a quiet lake scene, someone sleeping in a hammock, or someone drinking tea outside.

The general notion of peaceful could be used throughout a poem.  A poet could focus on the emotion, and use it throughout what they write.  They could also express it in indirect ways by using colors and images in the poem.

Poem series: Space: Rondeau

A room with books and a large chair,
with quietness that does feel rare,
and a window that looks outside,
where from distraction one can hide,
someone can sit and rest from wear.

Inside are books that show some care,
and two small lamps that form a pair,
a fireplace that’s to the side,
a room with books.

Like a burrow of a small hare,
or a stone cave for a brown bear,
this space does fit on the inside,
with a small space that’s not too wide,
where one can feel how well they fare,
a room with books.