Experimental Poetry Form: pear

Today’s experimental poetry form is called pear.  It based off of layout on the page.  The form is centered on the page to make the design easier.  It generally looks as follows:

** **
**  **
**    **
**             **
**               **
**                    **
**                              **
**                                  **
**                                       **
**                                                   **
**                                                        **
**                                                             **
**                                                                 **
**                                                                   **
**                                                                    **
**                                                                     **
**                                                                     **
**                                                                     **
**                                                                  **
**                                                             **
**                                                         **
**                                                    **
**                                             **
**                                        **
**        **        **


The general idea is to have a poem in the shape of a pear.

Here is an example poem:

were        there.
No            one
knew              why
or                    how
they                        got
there                              but
there                                 they
were.                                      It
seemed                                               odd
but                                                     they
were                                                        good
and                                                               so
no                                                                    one
gave                                                                      it
much                                                           thought.
Then                                                                       one
day                                                                       the
last                                                                      pear
was                                                                    picked
and                                                                 none
grew                                                            to
take                                                     its
place.                                           For
years                                     acorns
were       hopefully       planted.

Artwork to inspire poetry: hand holding a pear

hand holding a pear

Above is an artwork of a hand holding a pear.  It can inspire poetry.  A poet could write about:

  • Focus. In the artwork, the hand is black and white and the pear is in color.  This might make the pear the focus of the artwork.  A poet could write about the idea of focus.  They could write about how people focus on one thing or another in different situations.  They could write about the implications of this.

  • Movement. The hand in the artwork is holding the pear by the stem.  It is almost as if the hand is taking it from somewhere or putting it somewhere.  A poet could write about this idea of movement and apply it to different things.

  • Ornaments. In some way, the hand appears to be holding the pear the way a person might be holding a Christmas ornament.  It is as if the pear is going to be placed on a Christmas tree.  A poet could use this idea in poetry.

  • Being pear-shaped. Some people consider themselves to have a pear shape.  The hand holding the pear could be used to metaphorically relate to this.  For example, if a person did not like their pear shape and they wanted to change it, they could interpret the artwork as meaning that changing their pear shape is in their hands.  Different ideas could be used as well.

Here is an example poem inspired by the artwork:

the three year old
stood by the wall
as everyone laughed and played
with the new baby

Artwork to inspire poetry: Forelle pear

Forelle pear

Above is an artwork of a Forelle pear.  It can inspire poetry.  A poet could write about:

  • Pears. A poet could go in the obvious direction and write about the fruit.

  • Pairs. A poet could go in the direction of a play on words.

  • Lack of detail. This artwork lacks detail.  A poet could apply the idea of lack of detail to situations in life and use that in poetry.

  • Something using words that rhyme with pear. A number of words rhyme with pear and a poet could write a poem using those rhyming words.  Some of the words that rhyme with pear are: bear, care, chair, dare, fair, fare, flare, glare, hair, hare, mare, pair, pare, rare, stair, stare, tare, tear, wear, and ware.

Here is a poem inspired by the artwork:

each day
the picture of her
faded more
within his mind