Bilingual Poem: to see something worth photographing

If you wish,
to see something worth photographing,
be sure,
and not carry a camera.


Si usted desea,
ver algo merece sacando fotografía,
está seguro,
y no trae una cámara.


Bilingual Poem: perspective

by the old house,
with an elderly man,
the young man,
took pictures of,
the old house,
for fear,
it would not be there,
much longer


estando de pie,
cerca de la casa vieja,
con un hombre mayor,
el hombre joven,
sacó fotografías de,
la casa vieja,
por miedo,
lo no está existir,
mucho más tiempo

Poetry essay: Using photography to inspire poetry

A regular category on this blog consists of photographs to inspire poetry.  You can read posts in the category here: photographs to inspire poetry, and see all the photographs used in those posts here: photographs and artwork.

Photography can be a great tool for finding poetry inspiration.  A person can take an abundance of photographs themselves, plus there are many photographs that a person can use under the right circumstances.  Also, there are almost innumerable photography subjects.  This all gives a wide range a person can draw from when using photography for poetry inspiration.

When using a photograph for poetry inspiration, how a poet uses the photograph might vary depending on circumstance.

If the photograph were personal to the poet or something that came with a clear emotional response for the poet, then the poet might be direct in their poetic expression.  If the poet is connected to the photograph, the ideas for the poetry inspired by it can flow naturally.

On the other hand, if the photograph were impersonal to the poet, then they might be broader in how they are inspired.

If a poet isn’t particularly connected to a photograph, they could find many avenues for inspiration.  They might start by just brainstorming associations with the photograph.  They could just list out things that come to mind when looking at the photo.  They might even take ideas that come from those first ideas and go further like in a game of word association.  A poet can see all kinds of symbolism in a photograph once they start thinking in that way.

Additionally, a poet might decide to focus on different aspects of a photograph.  They might be inspired by the main subject.  Alternatively, they could look for things in the background, or even things that are missing from the photograph, and see inspiration there.  A poet could also look at things such as shapes, colors and lighting for inspiration.  A poet could take different approaches and write multiple poems from the same picture.

Photography is a good tool for poetry inspiration because it gives a starting point and is broad for interpretation.  It can be a place for a poet to start writing when they can’t think of ideas and it can lead to many different ideas.

If you are looking for some photographs to inspire poetry, feel free to be inspired by the ones from this blog.  You can either just look at the photograph on the photographs and artwork page or you can read at the posts from the page for the category here: photographs for inspiration.  The posts give ideas for how the photography in them can inspire poetry and can be a good place to start.


P. S. This is the tenth poetry essay on this blog. When the category was started in November of last year, there was a mention that there would be ten posts in the category and then there would be a determination made if the category would continue. As this is the tenth post, it is time for the determination.

In M. Sakran’s opinion, the category has gone well.  The essays filled in a missing piece in the blog and added content that readers could get something from.  Altogether, the category seems alright.

There is the issue though of thinking of new poetry essays going forward.  Some categories on this blog are more difficult to write posts for than others because of the idea of finding something new.  This category is a bit like that.  There is some thought about how difficult it will be to think of new and interesting essay topics going forward.

That being said, as it stands now, the category will continue.  At the moment, its continuation is still on a trial basis though.  It will continue as long as new and interesting posts can be thought of for it.  There is some notion, that if it ends, that the ending will be thought about in advance, announced in advance and end at some nice sounding number.

For the time being though, the category will continue.

Post Series: The Dragonfly Series: A photograph to inspire poetry: Hello, little dragonfly

Hello, little dragonfly

Above is a photograph of a dragonfly.  As stated in the introduction to this post series, there were supposed to be four photographs to inspire poetry, related to dragonflies.

Originally, the intention was to find four dragonflies and take their photographs.  This proved to be far more difficult than anticipated.

While there are an abundance of dragonflies where M. Sakran lives, they didn’t seem to want to have their pictures taken.  They flew to fast and too far away.  Some would get close – and then dart off.

About three hours were spent, and not one good photograph was taken.  It was a lot of struggle and frustration.  There were dozens of out of range dragonflies, lots of near shots, lots of blurry shots and lots of almost shots.  It was a bit much.  (The one dragonfly that was still enough to have appeared in a photograph on this blog previously (May 28, 2015 post), and made it seem like this would be easy, seemed to be the exception, not the rule.)

After all of this, there was the idea, to take four photographs, not of dragonflies, but of things related to them.  While this did seem a little bit like a cop out, given all of the struggle and frustration it seemed like a good idea.

Then this little dragonfly came along.  It came and stood still.  It didn’t move.  It didn’t fly away.  It was there for about a minute.  It was a little out of reach, but is was there.  It was a wonderful little dragonfly.

After this dragonfly was found (and the celebration concluded), pictures of it were taken, and those pictures were reviewed, a decision was made to use four different photographs of this one dragonfly for this post series.  Given the difficulty in photographing these little creatures, this seemed the best option.

The first photograph is in this post.  The next three are in the next three posts.

These are four separate photographs of the same creature.  The angles and distance are a little different in each one.  Even though they are the same creature, they are still four different photographs.

Hopefully these photographs will be enjoyed, both for themselves, as well as for the effort it took to get them.

Here is a poem inspired by this photograph:

Hello, little dragonfly

Hello, little dragonfly,
you are so nice to see,
because unlike your brethren,
you didn’t flee.

Hello, little dragonfly,
you bring with you such joy,
because unlike your brethren,
with emotions you didn’t toy.

Hello, little dragonfly,
thank you for stopping by,
because unlike your brethren,
you didn’t make a poet cry.

Hello, little dragonfly.

Published Article: An Article with Artworks and Photographs

Today M. Sakran had an article published in the April 2016 issue of Colored Pencil Magazine.

Colored Pencil Magazine

The issue can be found here: April 2016 Issue.

When this article was pending publication, there was a blog post about it on March 3, 2016.  Please read that blog post.

M. Sakran is very happy to have had this article published with Colored Pencil Magazine. In addition to a number of other reasons, M. Sakran is happy because this article contains artwork and photography that have either appeared here, on M. Sakran’s blog of and about poetry and poetry related things, or on

The article contains four photographs and two artworks.

The photographs are:

Phlox Subulata from the blog post A photograph to inspire poetry: Phlox Subulata from April 3, 2015,

Lemon Blossoms from Set Two on,

Green frog on a citrus leaf from the blog post A photograph to inspire poetry: Green frog on a citrus leaf from July 23, 2015, and

Gardenia flower from the blog post A photograph to inspire poetry: Gardenia flower from May 14, 2015.

The artworks are:

Lemons Blossoms from Set Two on, and

Green frog on a citrus leaf from the blog post Artwork to inspire poetry: Green frog on a citrus leaf from July 27, 2015.

M. Sakran is very happy to have had this article published and to have had the artworks and photographs mentioned above included in it. As the artworks and photographs that were here on the blog, were intended to inspire poetry, M. Sakran hopes all readers will check them out for inspiration. As the artwork and photograph from were part of a set with a poem, M. Sakran hopes all readers will check them out (they can also inspire poetry for readers).  If any readers are interested in other published items by M. Sakran, there is a partial list of items at  Lastly, M. Sakran hopes all readers read the article.


Note:  As this post superseded the Artworks to inspire poetry: Dog Related series, that series will continue on Monday April 4th.  There are two posts remaining in the series.

Pending Publication: Article

M. Sakran has recently had an article accepted for publication by Colored Pencil Magazine. Although this article is not directly poetry related, it does have a special connection to this blog, which is why it is being mentioned here.

The article to be published contains photography and artwork that has appeared in posts on this blog (it also contains photography and artwork that has been on  M. Sakran is very excited to have the article pending publication.  In addition to the general excitement, this is the first time M. Sakran has had artwork accepted for publication.

When the article is published, there will be a blog post on M. Sakran’s blog about it and there will be links to the posts that the contain photography and artwork that are a part of it.  There will also be at least one link to the magazine’s website, as well as a link to the photography and artwork in the article that is on

M. Sakran hopes all readers will read the article when it is published and that they will read the posts that have some of the photography and artwork. Those posts were about inspiring poetry, and hopefully, they will do so again.

Post Series: The Citrus Series

On M. Sakran’s blog of and about poetry and poetry related things, there have been two Post Series.  They were The Tea Series and The Orange Series.  This series is The Citrus Series.

Unlike the first two series, which were based off ideas (tea and the color orange).  This series will be based off of a photograph.  The photograph is of an unripe citrus fruit.  It is below.

Unripe citrus fruit

There will be seven posts in the series, including this one.  They will consist of: a photograph to inspire poetry (this post), an artwork to inspire poetry, a poem, a poem with an explanation, a poetry topic idea, an experimental poetry form, and a bilingual poem.

As mentioned, this post is the first of the series and is a photograph to inspire poetry.

The photograph above, of an unripe citrus fruit, can inspire a number of poetry ideas.  For example, a poet could write about waiting or anticipation.  A poet could also write about the idea of something growing and changing over time.  A poet might write about the ideas of hope and possibilities.  These are broader ideas that can come from this photograph.

Obviously, a poet could also be more direct, and write poetry about a citrus fruit, a citrus tree or an unripe fruit in a poem.  A poet could also write about gardening or farming.  Additionally, a poet could write about things that are green.

As a related side note, today on, there is a new set of photography, artwork, poetry and fiction.  It has to do with lemon blossoms (which were on a different plant than this one).  The photograph, artwork and fiction there can inspire poetry and there is a poem there to read.  That set, led to the idea for this post series.

A New Website:

Today, M. Sakran has launched a new website:

This new website, is in addition to M. Sakran’s blog of and about poetry and poetry related things.

On, there will be a Photography, Artwork, Poetry, Fiction, and some other things.  The photography, artwork and fiction can inspire poetry, and there will be poems that can be read.

Go see today.