Poem with an explanation: the plant wilted

the plant wilted
in the morning sun
searching for a cool breeze

This poem metaphorically describes a situation.  In the poem a person is outside working.  The person is represented by the plant.  The day is hot though and the person is affect by the heat even in the morning.  This is represented by the plant wilting.  The level of heat is referenced by the idea that the morning (rather than hotter afternoon) sun caused the effect.  The person then wants there to be a cool breeze for relief.  This is referenced by the idea of searching in the poem.  This idea also references the idea that person decides to go inside where there is air conditioning to get away from the heat.

This poem also has the idea that its meaning for a reader could change depending on how it is read (apart from the explanation above).  A reader could read the poem and think that the plant wilted and so went searching for a cool breeze, or they could read the poem and think the plant wilted while searching for a cool breeze.  These two situations are different and could impart different ideas.

A photograph to inspire poetry: plants with yellow and orange flowers

plants with yellow and orange flowers

Above is a photograph of plants with yellow and orange flowers.  It can inspire poetry.  Some ideas include poems about:

  • The sun. The flowers look like the sun with a central part with yellow radiating out.  A poet could write poetry about the sun.  They might write science fiction poetry about multiple suns.

  • These flowers look happy.  They are bright and open.  A poet could write poetry related to bright, open happiness.

  • The flowers are in a group.  A poet could write about a group of people and relate them to the flowers.


Here is a poem inspired by the photograph:

There is one sun,
but really two.

In the north,
the summer ends,
and fall is near.

In the south,
the winter ends,
and spring is near.

Up in the sky,
there is but one,
but upon the earth,
two circle above.

Though time is the same,
as the two suns circle,
time goes,
in opposite paths.

Artwork to inspire poetry: Juniper tips

Juniper tips

The artwork above is of juniper tips.  It can inspire poetry.  Here are some ideas:

  • Juniper is an evergreen, and yet the artwork above is mostly tones of gray with some pink, some lighter green and other colors. It is a depiction of something with a quality lost.  A poet could see this and be inspired to write poetry about people who lose some quality about themselves.  Maybe something changes in the person’s life, and they are not as they were before.  A poet could write about a variety of different things.

  • The artwork above shows just the tips of a juniper plant. It does not show the whole or even a significant portion of the plant.  The idea was to focus on a small aspect of the whole thing.  A poet could see this, and be inspired to focus on a small aspect of something.

  • The artwork above shows three main parts together, the small one on the left, the large one in the center and the smallest one on the right. A poet could see this and write about three things together and the contrasts between them.  A poet might write about people, buildings or other things.