A photograph to inspire poetry: a red and green plant

Red and Green Plant

This is a photograph of a red and green plant.  It can inspire poetry.  Some ideas include:

  • The plant has a shiny almost waxy look to it, as if it were artificial. It might be more typical for a poem to be written where something fake is attempting to seem real.  In this case, the opposite idea could be applied: something real, seeming to be fake.  This notion could be applied to situations in life that could be used in poems.  For example, a poet could think of a social situation in a social subculture, where something real isn’t valued as much as something artificial.  They could imagine a person trying portray something that is real as being artificial, for the purpose of fitting in with the group.

  • Obviously being red and green, this plant might inspire Christmas poetry.

  • The plant is shiny and reflecting light. This idea of reflection could be used in poetry.

  • The plant is curling around the edges. A poet might see this and decide to write about curly hair.

A photograph to inspire poetry: some type of lawn plant

some type of lawn plant

This is a photograph of either the seed pods or unopened flowers of some type of lawn plant. They are actually quite pretty with the red striped colors.

This photograph could inspire poetry. Here is a poem inspired by it:

After the rain,
and wind,
of the night,
in the cool morning,
the lawn celebrated,
with decorations.

A photograph to inspire poetry: Living and dying

Living and dying

This photograph shows a plant that is living on one side and dying on the other.  There are many ways this can inspire poetry.  A poet could write about:

  • A person who puts on a happy public face, but in private is experiencing something painful.

  • A person who was well on one day, and diagnosed with a disease on the next.

  • An object that was in good condition one day, and destroyed the next (for example a house that burned down).

  • Flowers at a grave.

  • Something in a person dying. It could be seen as negative, such as the hope a person has dying, or it could be positive, such as an addiction a person has dying.

  • Life and death generally.


A photograph to inspire poetry: loquat


This photograph is either unripe loquat fruit, or despite their appearance, loquat flowers that have not opened.  There is a bit of uncertainty.

In terms of poetic inspiration, this photograph, whatever it may eventually be, can inspire poetry in a number of ways:

  • A poet could write about the uncertainty of what is here. They could take that idea and apply it other situations in a poem.
  • A poet could write a poem with a scene with the fruit, for example a poem with a scene of people preparing the fruit in a kitchen
  • A poet could see that, at whatever stage this is, it is not ripe fruit. A poet could take that idea and write a poem about things that are not ready.
  • A poet could write a poem about fruit picking.


Post Series: The Christmas Series: A photograph to inspire poetry: Small red and green plant

Small red and green plant

This photograph is of a small red and green plant.  As red and green are traditional Christmas colors, this small plant seemed appropriate.  Also, the plant just generally looks nice.  In another sense though, this plant has a different significance.

Before this photograph was taken, M. Sakran had in mind to photograph a green plant with red berries.  This seemed like it would be the most appropriate subject for the post.  A difficulty occurred though, in that M. Sakran could not locate such a plant in the near vicinity.  Because of this, the plant in the photograph was selected.

This idea, of having to substitute, can be the poetry inspiration from this photograph.  Often during Christmas, substitutions have to be made.  For example, if a certain gift can’t be found, a different gift may have to be purchased.  Or, if an ingredient is missing, one dish, may have to substitute for another.  These ideas of substitution can be used in poetry.

A photograph to inspire poetry: Lupini bean plant

Lupini Bean Plant

This is a photograph of a lupini bean plant.  The plant has been growing for roughly one month.

This photograph can inspire poetry in a number of ways.  For example, a poet could write about farming or gardening.  They might write about food with lupini beans.  They could take a broader view, and write about the progression of something, which would be similar to how the seed, progressed to the plant, which may progress to beans.

One idea for poetry, would be to notice that there are seven leaves on each stem of the plant, and use the idea of seven of something in a poem.  For example, a poet might write a poem about seven people that share a connection (similar to the seven leaves that are connected on each stem).