Artwork to inspire poetry: wasp


Above is an artwork of a wasp.  It is based off of the wasp from the photograph in the post A photograph to inspire poetry: black wasp with yellow markings.  The artwork can inspire poetry.  Here is a poem inspired by it:

if you get
a papercut
drawing a picture
of a wasp
it can really

Experimental Poetry Form: a cup of T

Today’s experimental poetry form is called a cup of T.  It is based on a play on words of the expression “a cup of tea”.  The form is based off of layout on the page and word count.

The form has five words.  They are laid out as such:

*        * * * * * * * *        *
*                  *                    *
*                  *                    *
*                  *                    *
*                  *                    *
*                  *                    *
*                  *                    *
*                  *                    *
          * * * * * * * *

As can be seen, it looks like the letter “T” inside of something.  This is the idea of a cup of T.

In using the form, the five words can be separate words, or there can be a flow between them.

Here is an example poem using the form:


Y           Famous        N
o                 S              e
u                 o              v
’                  n              e
v                 g              r