Poetry topic idea: introversion

Today’s poetry topic idea is introversion.  There are a lot of ways to look at introversion.  Poet could write about:

  • The difference between introversion and extroversion.

  • The societal perception of introversion.

  • An introvert finding something difficult (e.g. mingling at a party)

  • An introvert finding something relaxing (e.g. sitting by themselves reading a book).

  • An introvert not talking to someone (e.g. a stranger next to them on a plane trip).

  • An introvert expressing themselves (for example, through poetry).

  • A person trying to overcome their introversion. An example of this might be an introvert getting a sales job even though they find it difficult.

  • A person embracing their introversion. An example of this might be an introvert getting a job copy editing because they find it comfortable.

  • An extrovert attempting to get an introvert to “get out of their shell”.

  • An introvert before a social gathering.

  • An introvert after a social gathering.

  • The difference between introversion and shyness.

Here is an example poem:

no one
talked to him
at the party
because he
talked to no one

talked to no one
at the party
because no one
talked to him
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Poem: one of those days

you are trying to get the moon,
but you can’t –

not because you don’t have a spaceship,
not because their isn’t fuel,
not because you don’t know how,

but because,
you can’t find the keys,
to the door.

It’s been one of those days.

Poetry topic idea: measurement

Today’s poetry topic idea is measurement.  There are a number of types of measurements a poet could write about.  A poet could write about:

  • Different categories of measurements. These include things like length, mass, volume, and time.

  • Measurements a person might take of themselves. These could include weight, height, blood pressure, shoe size, and waist circumference.

  • Health measurements. These could be things that might be measured in blood tests.

  • Performance measurements. These could be things like grades, times in races, or employee review scores.

  • Financial measurements. This could be something like a credit score.

  • Social media measurements. These could be things like likes, follows, and views.

  • Television ratings.

When looking at measurements, a poet could examine them from a number of different angles.  For example, if a poet wrote about grades they could view them from different perspectives.  They could write about grades from the point of view of the person designing the thing to be graded, the person grading the item, the person teaching the material to be graded, and the person being graded.  They could look at the validity of grades as a measure of learning.  They could look at different grading categories.

As an example, here is a poem that looks at the measurement grading:

To be placed,
in the above level class,
a score of ninety,
was required.

She got,
eight nine.

Poem with an explanation: though the raindrops fell

though the raindrops fell
she stood outside


This poem is about a person doing something they believe despite others disagreeing with them.

In the poem, a person stands outside, and as a result she gets rained on.  This is symbolic of a person being outside of a group and facing consequences for it.  Despite the consequences, she still does what she believes.