Poetry topic idea: butterflies

Today’s poetry topic idea is butterflies.  Butterflies can make an interesting poetry topic idea.  Butterflies come in many colors, their colors have many patterns, they have many different names, they go through a transformation, they are associated with flowers, some types trick creatures with their colors and patterns, some types use their colors and patterns for camouflage, they are considered a “nice” insect by some, people study them, some of them migrate, and they are prey for some creatures.  All of these things and others make butterflies interesting for poetry.

Here is a poem inspired by butterflies:

the flower stood,
upon the stem’s end,
then flew away,
leaving another flower,


Poem with an explanation: Which way is the way?

Which way is the way,
to speak words of what was lost,
and see what was found?


This poem is a 5-7-5 haiku.  It is about losing weight.

The poem asks a question.  It is asking how to lose weight.  In a direct way, it would say, “How does a person lose weight and find better health?”

In the first line of the poem, there is a play on words.  The word “way” is used because it sounds like “weigh”.  In the next two lines there is a play on the words “lost” and “found”.  The idea is that a person is looking for something, like they might be looking for in a lost and found.  Rather though, than trying to find a lost thing, the person is wanting to know how to lose something (weight) to find something (better health).

Poem Series: Time: the time is over

The time started,
the time passed,
the time is over.

You can look back,
and see what was.

You can look here,
and see what is.

You can’t look forward though,
because it hasn’t happened.

The time was spent,
and words of time were written,
the time was spent,
and words of time were read.

The time started,
with some direction,
but if the journey led,
to any particular place,
is something that can be known,
only after some time.

Thank you,
for your time.

Poem Series: Time: As time goes

As time goes,
there’s an understanding,
that despite the appearance,
little changes,
as time goes.

As time goes,
having seen more time,
there’s a clarity,
that time repeats,
as time goes.

As time goes,
little impresses,
for though ‘everything changes’,
it doesn’t really,
as time goes.

As time goes,
there’s a realization,
that time goes,
despite the path,
as time goes.

Poem Series: Time: First Try anniversary

Four years ago,
M. Sakran’s collection of poetry,
First Try,
was published.

M. Sakran,
would like to take this time,
to thank all,
who have purchased a copy.

you haven’t purchased a copy,
this anniversary,
would be a good time.

you have the time,
you can read,
the first six poems,
of the book,
on this blog,
(scroll past,
the first post,
on that page,
to read,
the poems).

Thank you,
for your time.

Poem Series: Time: the melodramatic agony of being late for doughnuts in the breakroom

A desert
a wasteland
a place of bareness

a town of ghosts does dwell
the scent of a mirage does linger

with no respite
as emptiness grows inside

the time was wasted
the chance was wasted
the starkness speaks
with silent words

with what could have been
there hollowness
in the desert


P. S. If you like poems with melodramatic agony, there is another one on the blog. It was from March 14, 2018.

Poem Series: Time: Please take some time and read the words

It is Independence Day.
Please take some time,
read the words that were declared
all those years ago this day
and think of what they mean.

Note: This poem uses the experimental poetry form American Independence Day.

P. S. There is a new set of photography, artwork, poetry and fiction on MSakran.com.

P. S. S. Happy Independence Day.