Poetry topic idea: Flea Market

A flea market can make an interesting poetry topic idea because of the volume and diversity of the people and things there.

There is so much at a flea market: innumerable products, different stalls, hundreds or thousands of people, food vendors, a variety of smells, a variety of colors and different languages.  A flea market can be an overwhelmingly busy place.  There is movement and buying and selling and eating and drinking and talking and sounds and so many other things.  There are countless stories that are present.

With all of the volume and diversity at a flea market, it can make a very interesting poetry topic idea.

Poetry topic idea: Fire

Fire is a very interesting poetry topic idea for a variety of reasons.

One reason is that fire can appear in settings in a spectrum of situations from good, through indifferent, to bad.  Fire, for example, is found in fire places, grills, and campfires.  It is also found in matches and lighters.  Additionally, fire is seen in disasters, arson, and war.  Because fire is found in this wide range of situations, it can be used in a variety of poems.

Another reason fire can make an interesting poetry topic idea is because it is dynamic.  Fire moves, it changes color, in grows and shrinks.  The fuel source of fire changes as it burns.  The air around fire changes.  This dynamism can make fire an interesting topic for poetry.

Fire also has a certain fundamental quality.  Fire provides light and heat in a basic way that has been utilized for millennia.  Fire can happen naturally.  The fundamental quality of fire can be useful in poetry.

Poetry topic idea: Pumpkins

In light of fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving, pumpkins could make an interesting poetry topic idea to explore at this time.  A number of poetry ideas can come from thinking about pumpkins.

Pumpkins could generally lead to poems about one of the three time periods mentioned above (fall, Halloween or Thanksgiving).  A poet could, from one of those points, write about things such as jack-o-lanterns, pumpkin pie or decorations.

A poet could also write about the varieties of pumpkins and their shapes and colors.

Additionally, a poet could focus on the structure of a pumpkin: a thin skin, a thick wall, a hollow core and seeds inside, and use this structure metaphorically in a poem.

Poetry topic idea: Overwhelming

The idea of overwhelming can make a very broad poetry topic. There are many things that can be written about the subject. Additionally, to describe the feeling and emotion, can sometimes require a lengthier poem (although often a short poem can get the point across).

When examining the idea of overwhelming as a poetry topic idea its concept can be viewed on a spectrum from things that have little meaning in a larger sense, but can still be overwhelming, to things that have a great deal of significance. For example, preparing for a party for two hundred people, with all the details, can be very overwhelming, however, in a larger sense, it may not be that significant. On the other hand, an illness, while not having many details, is more significant and can be overwhelming in a different sense.

Often a poet can use the poetry topic idea of overwhelming while actually experiencing the emotion. This can make for a poem with a lot of feeling. On the other hand, a poet in a relatively calm situation, can examine the idea of overwhelming from an outside perspective, and may come up with a poem with a different insight.

It could also be interesting for a poet to examine the idea of the stages in being overwhelmed. Interesting poems could be written about the start of the feeling and its end, in addition to examining the ongoing experience of the feeling.

Post Series: The Tea Series: Poetry topic idea: Brewing Tea

Tea generally can lead to many poetry topic ideas.  There are many poems that can involve tea, or ideas generated from tea.  For The Tea Series poetry topic idea, rather than focusing broadly on tea, a specific tea related area can be looked at: brewing.

In the case of tea, brewing can refer to the tea leaves steeping in heated water.  From a poetry topic idea perspective, this can inspire a number of ideas that can be used in poems, in addition to examining brewing tea from a literal perspective.  For example:

  • Change over time. As the liquid changes over time with the brewing of the tea, many other things change over time under some type of condition.  The idea of something changing over time because of what it is experiencing, can be the basis for a poem.
  • Brewing tea takes some amount of patience.  There is a waiting period between adding the water to the tea and being able to drink the tea.  Patience, and situations that involve it, could be poetry topics.
  • Often brewing tea involves some formality, for example when tea is brewed using a certain measure of leaves, in a certain type of pot and served with a certain service.  Focusing on the formality involved in certain situations, can help to lead to poetry.

These ideas, as well as others, can be poetry topics that derive from thinking about tea brewing.  As mentioned, tea generally can lead to many poetry topic ideas.

Poetry topic idea: Appointments

Appointments are an interesting poetry topic idea.  An appointment can be defined as a scheduled time to meet with someone in a formal setting.  Examples could include job interviews, medical appointments, appointments with sales people, etc…

Appointments could be viewed from the three time periods of before, during and after the appointment.

Depending on the situation and the time period, appointments could lead to a variety of feelings.  For example, before an appointment, someone could experience feelings such as anxiousness, apprehension, dread, excitement, or disinterest.  There are also a variety of feelings that could be experienced during and after an appointment.

Appointments could be viewed from the point of view of the person going to the appointment, or the point of view of the person whom the appointment is with.  For example, a dental appointment could be viewed from the point of view of the dentist or the point of view of the patient.

Given the many types of situations, different time periods, the variety of potential feelings and differing points of view, appointments can be an interesting poetry topic idea.

Here is an example of a poem based on the poetry topic idea appointments:


The obligation did set in,
when the first call was made,
and through details of what was there,
one then did have to wade.

To list the things that did exist,
and all that there had been,
to say the words that one was gone,
felt like a painful din.

And at the time when the bell rang,
to try to seem alright,
at first it felt it could be done,
but that feeling was slight.

To walk around and show the place,
where one did use to be,
and have to show all that there was,
made one so wish to flee.

And then to hear a question asked,
“Did it occur in here?”,
did fill the heart with a dark sense,
that made the thoughts unclear.

And when the time to be alone,
did come into the room,
to see a smile on a face,
did bring a sense of gloom.

To sell this house would be simple,
it might just take a week,
the agent said as the door closed,
and left one inside bleak.

Poetry topic idea: Granite

Granite can be an interesting poetry topic idea because of the range of topics from the fundamental to the familiar.

In a fundamental sense, a poet could focus on the geology associated with granite.  Although what a poet could write would be influenced by the amount of knowledge in the subject area the poet has, even with little specific knowledge a poet could still write about things such as rocks, stones and mountains.  A poet could focus on ideas of geologic time or things like volcanoes.  A poet could use the formation of granite as a metaphor for other things.

In a place that is between the fundamental and the familiar, a poet could focus on granite’s attributes.  Granite could be looked at as having strength and resistance.  A poet could write about the time it has lasted and the conditions it has and can endure.  Alternatively, a poet could write about granite’s weakness under certain conditions.

In a familiar sense a poet could look at the uses of granite.  A poet could examine something mundane such as counter tops, or something with depth such as tomb stones.  In this sense, granite can be used metaphorically, and/or in terms of a setting.  For example, a poet could write about someone in a kitchen with a granite countertop and draw a simile between the person and the stone (ex. the person was as resilient as the countertop).  Or, a poet could write about someone at a funeral and draw a contrast between that person and a granite tomb stone (ex. the person did not have the strength of the stone).

Granite is an interesting poetry topic idea because of the range of ideas from fundamental subjects to more familiar subjects.  Starting with granite as a poetry topic idea can allow a poet to explore a variety of subjects.

Poetry topic idea: Dried cranberries

There are a number of things about dried cranberries that can serve as poetry ideas.  As with other topics, dried cranberries can be used literally in poetry or can give ideas for broader topics.

One point about dried cranberries is their appearance.  Dried cranberries are small and dark red.  From a positive point of view, a dried cranberry can be viewed to have a positive appearance and be seen as similar to a small jewel.  Alternatively, a dried cranberry’s appearance can be viewed negatively, in the sense that it is dried from its former form.

A second point about dried cranberries is their taste.  Fresh cranberries are very sour.  Presumably dried cranberries that are not sugared would be sour too.  Sugar can improve the flavor of dried cranberries.  This idea can be used in poetry, by focusing on the idea, that with an addition, something is changed.

A third point about dried cranberries is that they are not raisins.  From a poetry point of view, dried cranberries can be viewed as something that are an alternative to what is traditional (in the sense that raisins can be viewed as a traditional dried fruit).  This aspect, like the appearance of the dried cranberry, can be viewed either positively or negatively, depending on perspective.

In addition to the three ideas above, there are also other points about dried cranberries that can be used in writing poetry.

Please feel free to use dried cranberries, and the ideas about them discussed here, as a poetry topic idea.