A Milestone: The Three Year Anniversary of MSakran.com

Today is the three year anniversary of MSakran.com.  It is M. Sakran’s website.

There is a lot on MSakran.com.  Some of the poetry related things include:

  • Links to some of M. Sakran’s published poems. They can be found on the publications page.

  • Poems written by M. Sakran that are parts of sets of photography, artwork, poetry and fiction. The current set is on the home page, and past sets can be found on or from the photography, artwork, poetry and fiction page.

  • There are photographs, artworks, short stories and a science fiction novel, all of which can inspire poetry.

  • You can learn about M. Sakran’s collection of poetry, First Try.

  • You can learn about M. Sakran’s self-published eBook of poems with explanations.

A Milestone: 800th blog post

This is the 800th blog post on M. Sakran’s blog of and about poetry and poetry related things.  The first post was on April 24, 2014.

800 posts is a lot.  It feels like a lot.

There has been a lot on this blog.  There have been poems, poems with explanations, poetry topic ideas, experimental poetry forms, artwork to inspire poetry, photographs to inspire poetry and bilingual poems among other things.  There’s often a sense with each post to have something a little different from what has been there before.  Hopefully there was a sense of having something at least a little new with each post.

There is hope that everyone who has read something on this blog has enjoyed it.  Hopefully you were entertained or thought or were inspired or learned something.  Hopefully something was gained from it.

Thinking back on the posts, it’s hard to say what it all adds up to.  800 posts is a lot to think back on.  There is a sense, that there is something in the totality of it all, as if it were a novel or something, but whatever that something is, it’s hard to describe.

Thank you to anyone who has in any way interacted with this blog.

If you’d like to show your support for the blog, please consider purchasing a copy of the eBook, Understanding: poems with explanations.

As a side note, there is a new set of photography, artwork, poetry and fiction on MSakran.com.  The short story in the set examines an interesting philosophical idea: What would it be like to communicate with an entity, if you couldn’t be certain if that entity was a person or a computer?  The idea could be used to inspire poetry.

Again, thank you to everyone who’s interacted with this blog.

A Milestone: The Two Year Anniversary of MSakran.com

Today is the two year anniversary of MSakran.com.  Celebrate!

MSakran.com is the website of M. Sakran (this is the blog).  There are a lot of things on the site, many of which can be related to poetry.  Here is a rundown of what is there, as well as how it can relate to poetry.  Check out the site today.

  • On the home page of MSakran.com you’ll find a news section. This section has things like notes of milestones and mentions of published items.  Many times those milestones and mentions are related to poetry.  For example, if M. Sakran has had a poem published recently, you may see a note of it in the news section.

  • Also on the home page, you’ll find the current set of Photography, Artwork, Poetry and Fiction. There are sets of these on MSakran.com.  So far there have been twenty nine.  The most recent set is the one on the home page, and older sets can be found on or from the Photography, Artwork, Poetry and Fiction page.  In each of the sets, all four items are in some way related (sometimes not so much, and sometimes quite a bit).
    The sets are poetry related in that the photography and artwork can inspire poetry, just like they do here on the blog, the poetry, is well, poetry, and the fiction sometimes has a relationship to the poem and could also inspire poetry.

  • On the Publications page, you’ll find a list and links to many of the items M. Sakran has had published. Quite a few of these items are poems.

  • On the Understanding: poems with explanations page, you’ll find information about M. Sakran’s self-published eBook collection of poems with explanations. The eBook contains twenty poems and explanations of them.  If you’d like to learn about poetry by reading explanations of poems written by the person who wrote the poems, you should check out the book.

  • On the Book page, you’ll find information about M. Sakran’s traditionally published collection of poetry, First Try. If you go to a page where you can buy the book here, you can read a little about it as well as, currently, read the first six poems in the preview.  If you like what you read, consider purchasing a copy.

  • On MSakran.com, there is an entire science fiction novel. It is called The Finch.  You can read the entire novel right from MSakran.com.  Just go to The Finch page.  The story in the novel could inspire poetry.  This was done before here on the blog.  You can read some poems in the blog post, Poetry topic idea: The Finch.

Go check out MSakran.com today!