Poem with an explanation: 3 slices of bread

3 slices of bread
eyes close

steak with seasoning forming a crust
potatoes fried and crispy
peas and carrots with butter
apple pie


In this poem a person is hungry and poor.  All they have to eat is three slices of bread.  In their condition, they close their eyes and imagine the bread to be a dinner of steak, potatoes, peas and carrots, apple pie, and coffee.  The poem generally is about a person in a current condition imagining themselves in a better condition.

Bilingual Poem: Samuel

Poor Samuel,
content with reality,
speaking to the silent,
in a place to rest.

Samuel pobre,
contento con realidad,
hablando a silencioso,
en un lugar a descanso.

P.S. Yesterday a new set of photography, artwork, poetry and fiction was posted on MSakran.com.  This poem was inspired by the fiction in that set.