Post Series: Advent: Artwork to inspire poetry: twelve acorns

twelve days

Above is an artwork of twelve acorns.  It is a photograph that was made black and white.

The twelve acorns represent the twelve days of Christmas.  Each acorn could potentially become a tree, symbolizing the potential of the twelve days.  The acorns are stacked in a Christmas tree type shape.

The artwork can inspire poetry.  Here is a poem inspired by it:

there can often be
great potential
in the little things

A photograph to inspire poetry: a small lemon that dropped from a tree

a small lemon that dropped from a tree

Above is a photograph of a small lemon that dropped from a tree.  The lemon is about the size of a penny.  It was months away from being full size when it fell.

This photograph can inspire poetry.  The general idea of something ending before it reaches its potential, could be applied to many different situations.

Here is an example poem that uses the idea:

they had three dates,
that went very well,
but she got the job offer,
and moved away