Poem with an explanation: soup

legs and thighs
nine pieces
turned to eighteen


frozen mixed vegetables

for a week

doing the math
figuring the dollars per day
doing the math
hoping it lasts


In this poem a person has little money and little income.  They are planning how they will eat.  They are planning to make chicken soup with rice and vegetables and have that for every meal.

The person buys chicken.  The cheapest per pound they found was a large bag of legs and thighs.  It contained nine pieces of legs and thighs together that they cut into eighteen pieces.

The person uses the chicken to make soup.  Their soup has chicken, water, rice, mixed vegetables that they bought frozen, and salt.  With what they bought, they figure that it will feed them for a week.

The person then tries to plan out the month.  They do some math and figure out how much the food cost them and how much it would cost them per day.  They do more math and hope their money lasts them for the month.

In the poem the person has little money.  To deal with this they eat the same thing for every meal and make their food in large quantities.  The person though still wanted food they thought met a minimum standard for themselves.

Poem: water

Last night,
the water was brown

not off white,
not slightly discolored,
like dark coffee.

It was a strange feeling,
there in the shower,
standing as it pooled,
around the edges of the tub,
at what point,
it would start to clear,
and it would be over.

It didn’t clear.

It seemed to get darker,
it seemed to get thicker,
standing in it,
didn’t seem like a good idea,
after a while,
sitting on the ledge,
trying to maintain balance,
didn’t either.

So last night,
at around eleven fifty two,
there was the experience,
of bathing from a bowl,
of cold water,
from a bottle.

nothing about this,
felt clean.

in case there was a concern,
thoughts of much of humanity,
and their condition,
did float through the mind.

A better concern,
might be,
will anything be done,
for them?

You see,
last night,
the water was brown,
but here,
it’s clear.

But for them,

a better concern,
should come to mind.

Post Series: The Christmas Series: Poem with an explanation: Christmas tree

Christmas tree

A branch,
a coffee can,
foil from chewing gum,
caps from sodas,
cut shapes from cereal boxes,
paper clips,
can labels,
 cut into strips,
 and taped together,
a lamp,
 with a piece of pink plastic,
 dangling in front,
 of the bulb.


This poem is about a Christmas tree.  Rather than being about a large artificial or real tree covered in lights and ornaments the poem describes a tree that a poor person might put together with things they may have.  The person, despite not having much, still takes the time and effort to make a tree.  Although the tree does not meet a certain level of expectation, in the person’s circumstance, it still serves a purpose.  The description of the tree in the poem, is meant to be positive, rather than negative.