Poem: At the top of the mountain

At the top of the mountain,
a house of glass,
surrounded by crowds,
looking inside.

A house of glass,
is seen as gold,
from the valley below,
where eyes look up.

Surrounded by crowds,
the paths are blocked,
refuge in walls,
is quickly sought.

Looking inside,
the house of glass,
all seems bright,
from the outside.

Bilingual Poem: A price for not waiting

A price for not waiting

Turning on the water,
stepping into the shower …
Oh no!  The water’s cold!


Un precio para no esperando

Encendiendo la agua,
entrando a la ducha …
¡Ay no!  ¡La agua es frío!


Note: As noted previously, M. Sakran is not bilingual, and therefore there may be some errors in the Spanish translation above.  Please forgive any errors in the translation.