Post Series: The Christmas Series: Poetry topic idea: Music

During Christmas there is all sorts of music.  Christmas songs can be heard from a variety of sources and presumably there are at least hundreds of Christmas songs.  The music of Christmas might make an interesting poetry topic idea.  For example, a poet could:

  • Write a Christmas song themselves (the song being a poem)
  • Think of elements that go into typical Christmas songs and use those elements in poetry
  • Think about things that make music in a way, like bells or chimes or birds, during Christmas time, and use those elements in a poem
  • Write about the ideas of traditional and contemporary


P.S. Recently, M. Sakran had two poems published in the Fall 2015 issue of Blood and Thunder: Musings on the Art of Medicine.

Published Poetry: Hospitality

Yesterday, M. Sakran had a poem published with Deep South MagazineDeep South Magazine can be found at  The poem is called Hospitality, and can be found here: Hospitality.  Please leave a comment about the poem on the site.  Also, if it is desired, any opinions about the poem, can be sent to M. Sakran, using the form below.  Just type the opinion and click submit.

Published Poetry: Three Haiku

In 2014, M. Sakran had three haiku published on the blog Pure Haiku.  Pure Haiku, can be found at

One haiku was posted in the November 5th post, one in the November 19th post, and the last one, in the December 3rd post.

Please enjoy the haiku.


P.S. Today is the last day to suggest a poetry form for this blog for three of the posts next week.  See this past Monday’s post to suggest a poetry form for this blog.

Published Poetry and Poetry Related: An update

Here is an update concerning M. Sakran’s published poetry and poetry related items.

In addition to the items on this blog, M. Sakran has had fifteen poems, one poetry related article, one poetry related blog post, one poetry related letter and one collection of poetry, entitled First Try, published.  Additionally, M. Sakran has two poems that are pending publication.

Some of the published items have been specifically mentioned on this blog.  They include items mentioned in the following posts:

August 5, 2014 Published Poetry: Haiku

July 10, 2014 Published Poetry Related: Poetry Related Blog Post

July 9, 2014 Published Poetry Related: Poetry Related Article

July 8, 2014 Poetry Book: First Try

June 3, 2014 Published Poetry: Limericks

Some of the published items that have not been specifically mentioned on this blog, may be specifically mentioned in the future.  Additionally, assuming the poems pending publication become published, they may also be specifically mentioned on this blog as well.