Unter Commemoration July 29, 2020

Things don’t feel the same.

The porch is quiet.
Now only treats and food for one dog are brought to the porch.
There isn’t a sense of going to sit with you.
Your water bowl isn’t filled for you.
Outside, things are still.
There’s no brushing of you,
or cleaning your eyes,
or rubbing your ears.
Things are still.
Things are quiet.

Seeing a video of you
on the porch
eating treats
and one out in the yard
trying to get you
to bark a certain way.
There was happiness in seeing you,
but sadness that you are gone.

Things are quiet.
Things don’t feel the same.

Experimental Poetry Form: two words

Today’s experimental poetry form is called two words.  The idea is simple: a poem of two words.

While two words may not seem sufficient to write a poem and get a message across, if done with broadness or with context, it can be.  Here are 10 examples of two word poems:

Go away.

She died.

Open up.

Never stop.

Telling lies.

Falling tears.

Empty inside.

Quiet room.

Uncontrollable shaking.

Hidden wallflower.


While each poem is short, if perceived broadly, or given context, they can relate a message.

For example, consider the poem Quiet room.

If taken broadly, this could mean a number of things.  It might mean a peaceful setting.  It might mean a room where everyone has left.  It might mean a room where someone is detained.  It might mean a room after someone has died.  It could mean these or other things.  If a reader perceives the poem broadly, they could get a number of messages from it, which can add depth to the poem.

Similarly, if the poem was given context, for example with a title, or by being worked into a story or with other poems, that context could signify the meaning and give the two word poem impact.  For example, if the poem Quiet room, was worked into a broader context of loneliness, the message of the poem would come through.

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Poetry topic idea: Quiet

Today’s poetry topic idea is quiet.  The idea of silence.  The absence of sound.

Quiet, as a poetry topic idea, can be interesting for poetry.

A poet could write about things like calm, stillness and peacefulness.  A poet could describe a scene that has these qualities.  For example, a poet might write about a nature scene, or someone sitting in a quiet area in their home.  In this sense, quiet would be viewed as something positive.

Alternatively, a poet could write about quiet in a negative sense.  They might describe someone lonely or someone isolated in some way.  For example, they might write about a person sitting home alone during the evening, or someone trapped somewhere, like in a cave.  They could write about a variety of situations of someone experiencing quiet, when they would rather experience some type of sound.

A poet might also decide to write about the absence of quiet.  Quiet can be seen as the absence of sound and so this would be the lack of that situation.  A poet could write about someone in a noisy situation who wishes things were quieter.  For example, a poet might write a poem about someone in a house full of noisy people, who wishes they just had some calm and quiet.

Poem series: Space: Rondeau

A room with books and a large chair,
with quietness that does feel rare,
and a window that looks outside,
where from distraction one can hide,
someone can sit and rest from wear.

Inside are books that show some care,
and two small lamps that form a pair,
a fireplace that’s to the side,
a room with books.

Like a burrow of a small hare,
or a stone cave for a brown bear,
this space does fit on the inside,
with a small space that’s not too wide,
where one can feel how well they fare,
a room with books.