Post series: Advent: Poem: Why is all this going on?

Why is all this going on?

To an outside observer,
someone who had no previous knowledge,
it would all seem,
a bit absurd.

are putting fake trees in their houses.

Thousands of little light bulbs,
are being strung outside.

People are shopping everywhere.

Movies are playing
with singing snowmen.

There’s talk of reindeer
flying in the sky.

Why is all this going on?

What is all this about?

Why are millions and millions
of seemingly rational people
doing all of this?

There must be a reason.

There must be something behind it.

There must be something
with meaning
and importance
and significance.

This all can’t be
just some long festival.

There has to be a reason for all of this.

There has to be an answer to the question.

There has to be a reason,
why all of this,
is going on.


P. S. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving. Because of the holiday, there will not be a new post on the blog November 28, 2019 – December 1, 2019.  The next new post will be on December 2, 2019.

Post Series: Advent: Experimental Poetry Form: Advent

Today’s experimental poetry form is called Advent.  It contains one stanza.  It is an acrostic form of the word Advent.  In the form, there are 40 syllables (the number of days in Advent).  The first through the fourth line have eight syllables each.  The fifth and sixth lines have four syllables each.  The lines are in different Christmas colors.  The lines starting with A and V are colored red, the lines starting with D and E are colored green.  The N line is silver.  The T line is gold.  Additionally, there is a rhyming pattern.  The A and V lines rhyme, the D and E lines rhyme, and the N and T lines rhyme.  Here is a summary of the form:

A 8 Red R1
D 8 Green R2
V 8 Red R1
E 8 Green R2
N 4 Silver R3
T 4 Gold R3

Here is an example poem in the form:

Another season has now come.
Doing many things from a list.
Very quickly it covers some,
enveloping like a strange mist.
No, tasks aren’t why
this time comes by.