Poetry topic idea: following

Today’s poetry topic idea is following.  For this post, following can mean:

  • one event happening after another
  • one or more people being influenced to do something by one or more other people
  • moving where someone or something else has just been, immediately after it has been there.

Examples of these ideas are:

  • thunder coming after lightening
  • a person letting someone else decide a restaurant to eat at
  • one ant moving on the path of the ant ahead of it

Following can be seen indifferently, positively or negatively depending on the situation.

Following is interesting because it is broad.  One poem that uses following might be about a social topic, and another poem might be about a nature one.

Here are three example poems that use following as a topic:

the thunder flashed
and then the flashlights
in the newly dark house

after reading the reviews
she decided
to eat somewhere else

without seeing the sugar
one tiny ant
believed the other