Post Series: Advent: Bilingual Poem: Saint Nicholas

Today is the day of Saint Nicholas.

As you look around,
and see Santa everywhere,
know that there was a real person,
who did greater things,
than the man in the red suit.


Hoy es el día de Santo Nicholas.

Minetras ustedes miran alrededor,
y ven Santa en todas partes,
saben que hay estaba una persona verdadera,
que hizo asuntos mayor,
que el hombre en el traje rojo.

Poetry topic idea: Saint Nicholas

Today is Saint Nicholas day.  Happy Saint Nicholas day!

Santa Nicholas is the model for Santa Claus.  Saint Nicholas was Archbishop of Myra and was a wonderful person.  All should take the time to learn about Saint Nicholas.

As you learn about Saint Nicholas you can write poetry about him.  You could write about:

  • What he did at the Council of Nicea

  • Miracles attributed to him

  • The story of him helping the tree girls

  • How he compares to Santa Claus

  • Various groups he is the patron saint of

  • Various Saint Nicholas day celebrations

Here is a Saint Nicholas inspired poem:

Shoes left outside the door,
coins and candy found inside,
commemorating just one of the things,
you’ve done.

Poetry topic idea: Saint Nicholas

Today is Saint Nicholas Day.  Happy Saint Nicholas Day!  As such, today’s poetry topic idea, is Saint Nicholas.

Saint Nicholas did many amazing things and lived a very interesting life.  Quite a few poems could be written about him.  A poet could learn some of his history, and pick some event to write about.  To add some extra interest, the poet could relate that event to something current or personal.