Poem with an explanation: the scarecrow falls down

earthquake tremors start
rain falls on an autumn day
the scarecrow falls down


This poem is about a person with low blood sugar.  Their blood sugar has dropped dangerously low.

As this happens, the person starts to shake (earthquake tremors start) and they start to sweat (rain falls), even though they feel cool (on an autumn day).  Their condition worsens, and they collapse (the scarecrow falls down).

This poem is a 5-7-5 haiku.

Poem with an explanation: The Specter Looms

The Specter Looms

The specter looms in silence still,
and does not waver in his will,
he stands above with silent gaze,
above the land that’s like a maze,
and there he stands upon his hill.

The sound he makes is not and nil,
yet those that hide across the rill,
do fear his form which he does raise,
the specter looms.

They wish to move across the sill,
and enter where the gold does fill,
yet as if the land does hide in haze,
they stand afar still in a daze,
as if they swallowed fear in a pill,
the specter looms.

The above poem is a rondeau.  At first glance, the poem is meant to sound a bit frightening: the idea of a specter looming and some group fearing this specter.  However, in reality, the poem is about something simpler: a scarecrow.

The specter in the poem is the scarecrow.  The group are the crows.  The poem describes the scarecrow in the field and the crows being afraid to go there.  The idea was to present a simple idea, in a way that hid the actual meaning, and made it sound as if something more significant was being described.