Poetry topic idea: Appointments

Appointments are an interesting poetry topic idea.  An appointment can be defined as a scheduled time to meet with someone in a formal setting.  Examples could include job interviews, medical appointments, appointments with sales people, etc…

Appointments could be viewed from the three time periods of before, during and after the appointment.

Depending on the situation and the time period, appointments could lead to a variety of feelings.  For example, before an appointment, someone could experience feelings such as anxiousness, apprehension, dread, excitement, or disinterest.  There are also a variety of feelings that could be experienced during and after an appointment.

Appointments could be viewed from the point of view of the person going to the appointment, or the point of view of the person whom the appointment is with.  For example, a dental appointment could be viewed from the point of view of the dentist or the point of view of the patient.

Given the many types of situations, different time periods, the variety of potential feelings and differing points of view, appointments can be an interesting poetry topic idea.

Here is an example of a poem based on the poetry topic idea appointments:


The obligation did set in,
when the first call was made,
and through details of what was there,
one then did have to wade.

To list the things that did exist,
and all that there had been,
to say the words that one was gone,
felt like a painful din.

And at the time when the bell rang,
to try to seem alright,
at first it felt it could be done,
but that feeling was slight.

To walk around and show the place,
where one did use to be,
and have to show all that there was,
made one so wish to flee.

And then to hear a question asked,
“Did it occur in here?”,
did fill the heart with a dark sense,
that made the thoughts unclear.

And when the time to be alone,
did come into the room,
to see a smile on a face,
did bring a sense of gloom.

To sell this house would be simple,
it might just take a week,
the agent said as the door closed,
and left one inside bleak.