Poem with an explanation: How is the sky?

They sky is cloudy,
there in the east,
see the darkness,
the weather is bad.

The sky is clear,
there in the west,
see the light,
the weather is good.


This poem is about presenting a point of view.  In the poem, there are two people.  One person says the first stanza and the other person says the second.

In the poem, both people are telling the truth, but they are each giving only one view of it and are therefore distorting the truth.  The first person wants those listening to think the weather is bad.  The second person, wants people to think the weather is good.

The idea in this poem applies to many arguments.  In arguments, people sometimes have a tendency to present a view of the truth that supports their position, while ignoring views that don’t.

A photograph to inspire poetry: orange colored lily

orange colored lily

Above is a photograph of an orange colored lily.  It can inspire poetry.  Here is a poem inspired by it:

The sun rose,
over the field,
turning the sky orange,
with its glow.

Poem Series: Experimental Poetry Forms: One hundred feet: Meteors

The lights did flash up in the sky while stars did shine around.  Each one of them appeared and flew, then seemed to disappear.  They came alone, but flew in forms like they had thought it out.  A few of them drew lines behind, as they did fly their path.  It seemed so strange as they did fly that none did hit a star.

Out in the dark the lights did fly, across a deep black sea.  And into it they seemed to dive and swim somewhere that was unknown.


(21/40) Experimental Poetry Form: One hundred feet

A photograph to inspire poetry: A Cloudy Sky

A Cloudy Sky

This is a photograph of a cloudy sky.  It was taken near the end of a rain storm.  Generally, the clouds are darker on the right and lighter on the left.  There is a brighter spot in the middle toward the left side.

This photograph could be used to inspire a number of poetry ideas.  A poet could write about rain, a storm, clouds, the weather, light, darkness and other related ideas.

A poet might see this photograph and view the cloudy sky symbolically.  They could either relate it to a bad time, or possibly, as the photograph was near the end of a storm, to the end of a bad time.

In some ways, this photograph looks like a painting.  If a poet thought that, they could be inspired to write a poem about painting a scene like it.

In this photograph, light is somewhat hidden and somewhat showing behind the clouds.  A poet could see that, and use the idea symbolically in a poem.

Poem Series Voting Result and The First Poem of The Series

Last week on M. Sakran’s blog of and about poetry and poetry related things, there was voting for topics for a poem series.  The possible topics were: The Sun, The Color Green, Coins, Carrots, and Sound.

The winning topic was, The Sun.

Starting with today’s post, and for the rest of posts through Friday, there will be one poem per day about The Sun.

Here is today’s poem:


The sky was dark and stars did shine,
and out in space the world did turn,
and as it did there was a sign,
that things would change from what they were.

Out far there was a line of earth,
that seemed to meet the sky above,
before that time there was a dearth,
of light along that far long line.

But then a light did seem to grow,
along the line that was so far,
at first it seemed to be so low,
but soon the sky did change its tone.

The sky that was so black in hue,
did change and glow with yellow light,
and then there was a change to blue,
as the sun rose up in the dawn.

A photograph to inspire poetry: Night sky

Night sky

Yesterday’s blog post was an artwork to inspire poetry entitled Night sky.  The posting of that artwork, lead to the idea of having a similar post of a photograph to inspire poetry.

The above is a photograph of the night sky.  Like the artwork to inspire poetry, this photograph can inspire poetry.  They both can inspire poetry in some similar ways.  For example, in each instance, a poet could be inspired to write a poem about stars.

Despite the fact though that both the artwork and the photograph are images of the night sky, it is clear that the imagined image in the artwork is different from the real image in the photograph.  In the real image, far less stars (and no planets) can be seen than in the imagined image.  This difference between imagination and reality could also serve as an inspiration for poetry.

Artwork to inspire poetry: Night sky

Night sky

The above artwork is entitled Night sky.  It can be clicked on to see it larger.  The artwork can inspire poetry in a variety of ways.

One way it can inspire poetry, is by inspiring a poet to go and look at the actual night sky.  The night sky is filled with many things that could inspire poetry.

Secondly, a poet could look at the artwork and see shapes in the patterns of the stars.  These shapes could inspire poetry.

Additionally, this artwork could inspire general poetry about space, stars, ideas of vastness and the universe.

A poet looking closely at the artwork (in a larger size), may notice four planets depicted.  Seeing them, a poet could, for example, be inspired to write a poem about the relationship between the planets and the stars.

Also, a poet might notice the relative brightness of different stars and use this as a poetry inspiration.

A poet could, seeing the artwork, be inspired to write a poem comparing the ideas of emptiness and being filled, as different portions of the artwork have objects and some do not.

In addition to these ideas, there are many other poetry inspirations that could be inspired by this artwork.


A photograph to inspire poetry: Moon at morning

A photograph of the moon at morning

Above is a photograph of the moon at morning.  This photograph can inspire a poem in a variety of ways.  A poet could utilize a number of ideas such as:

  • The tenuous nature of the visibility of the moon at this time
  • The sense of the moon holding on
  • The relationship between the moon and the, at least visually, nearby cloud to the right
  • The idea that only part of the moon is visible
  • The paleness of the blue sky
  • A variety of metaphors represented by the above ideas

There are also many other ideas which this photograph could inspire and which could lead to a poem.

Here is an example of a poem inspired by this photograph:

a faint blue shadow

hiding in the sea

will soon disappear

Please feel free to use this photograph as inspiration for a poem.