Poem: Flying through the dream

You had a dream,
and in the dream,
you could fly,
but not like a superhero,
something about it,
didn’t work.

It was like swimming,
but in the air.
You could fly,
but with effort,
and only so high.

It was like floating,
with balloons,
and you had to push off things,
to move.

Everything felt slow,
and for some reason,
things just didn’t work.

And in the dream,
there was something bad.
There was something,
you wanted to fly away from.

But for some reason,
everything felt slow,
and though you could fly,
you could never get away.

You had a dream,
and in the dream,
you could fly,
but not like a superhero.

Poetry topic idea: Turkey meatballs

Thanksgiving in the United States is coming soon.  In light of this, today, M. Sakran is making turkey meatballs to eat.  This gave the idea to have turkey meatballs be today’s poetry topic idea.

Although turkey meatballs might seem like a slightly off beat poetry topic idea (and in some ways they are) they still can help a poet come up with poetry ideas with depth.  Some examples include:

  • The idea of traditional vs. nontraditional. Turkey meatballs are traditional in the sense that they reflect the American tradition of having turkey on Thanksgiving.  They are nontraditional in the sense that they are not made of beef or pork.
    This contrast, and the idea of something embodying both sides of it, can be used in poetry.  A poet could explore the contrast and look for other things that have the same characteristic.

    For example, a poet might decide to examine the idea of a nontraditional college student.  Many college students are in their late teens or early twenties and a poet might decide to write about one that is in their sixties.  They could combine this with the idea that the person is going to a traditional school (for example one that has existed for more than a hundred years) and is studying a traditional subject (for example English literature as opposed to quantum physics).  There are other ideas that could be used as well.

  • Meshing.  Turkey, in this context is an American food.  Meatballs, might be considered traditionally Italian (although this may not be accurate).  A turkey meatball meshes the two types of food.  A poet could think about this and decide to mesh two other ideas.  For example, they could write about a person that is the product of two cultures.  This person could either have a parent from each, or could be from one culture, but live in another.  The poet could write about how the cultures mesh.

  • Slow.  Turkey meatballs, depending on how they are prepared, might be at some point slow simmered in a sauce.  The idea of slowness could be used in poetry.  An example might be a poem about a relationship that slowly develops.

Experimental Poetry Form: loss of words

Today’s experimental poetry form is called loss of words.  The idea here is to have a poem that flows slowly.  Its intention is to sound like someone trying to say some bad news but also trying not to say it.  There should be a sense of having a loss of words.

The form is based off of lines, line breaks and word counts.  There are ten lines and there is a space between each line.  The lines have the word counts as follows:

Line 1: one word
Line 2: three words
Line 3: two words
Line 4: one word
Line 5: two words
Line 6: one word
Line 7: one word
Line 8: one word
Line 9: one word
Line 10: two words


As can be seen, all of the lines are short, none having more than three words.  Also, most of the lines, only have one word.  The idea is for the poem to sound like someone is leading to saying something, but they aren’t saying it.  This is accomplished by the short lines and the line breaks.  Also, since the poem only has fifteen words, it limits the expression of the idea.  This goes in line with the idea of a poem that says something but doesn’t.  Rather than using the few words to express the idea succulently, the idea of the form, is to express the idea vaguely.


Here is an example of a poem written in the form:




here’s the idea,


there’s something,




that’s here,










that isn’t.


This poetry form has a structure (word counts, line breaks and number of lines), but it also has an intent with it.  It was designed for a certain type of poem.  Obviously though, a poet could apply the form to other types of situations.  It may have interesting affects.


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