Post Series: The Citrus Series: Poem with an explanation: Ripening citrus fruit

Upon a citrus tree there grows a fruit,
not ripened by the sun but still so green,
remaining there in its small verdure suit,
its yellow one right now cannot be seen.

Perhaps a time will come when time does pass,
eight weeks or more from where things are today,
contained within, the fruit may change its mass,
increasing as its hue does change each day.

The fruit may change to something that does glow,
remaining on the tree by the green leaves,
upon the branch its yellow hue may flow,
surrounding it as if in basket weaves.

From now till then the fruit may change its look,
resplendently shining in its green nook.


Upon the green branch,
it blends in now but may change,
the butterfly shines.



This poem is comprised of three forms combined together.  The whole poem is an acrostic poem that spells “Unripe Citrus Fruit”.  Within that, the first fourteen lines are a sonnet, and the last three lines are a haiku.

An acrostic poem was chosen because it would, at least in a minimal way, tie the poem to the idea of the Citrus Series.  Additionally, the poem is about an unripe citrus fruit ripening.  The photograph of the series can be seen here: The Citrus Series.

A sonnet was chosen because it was longer in length than some shorter poetry forms, and because, unlike a triolet for example, it did not have lines that repeated.  Repeating lines would not have been impossible, but would have required an experimental poetry form to accomplish it.

A haiku was chosen, because it is three lines long, and with the fourteen lines of the sonnet, it totals the seventeen lines necessary for the acrostic poem.  Additionally, there was the idea, that a haiku would sound different than the sonnet and would provide an interesting change at the end of the poem.

Poem with an explanation: Vacation

The house was left at five am one day,
and all did go with bags into the car,
they settled in and then they drove away,
and drove to the fun place that seemed so far.

Inside the car they talked of joy and fun,
and all that they would see and do so soon,
they hoped the drive they took would soon be done,
as they drove out beneath the morning moon.

Behind the bars there was a cloud of dark,
and like a fog a silence filled the place,
and as time passed it all did feel so stark,
to the small bird that felt the time’s slow pace.

The car was filled with joy as time went by,
but the forgotten bird felt the clock lie.


This poem is a sonnet.  It has two parts – the family going on vacation, and the bird that was forgotten in its covered cage behind.  The point of the poem was to contrast between the two. The family is having fun in the car and feels joy with the time and the anticipation.  The bird is alone in the dark, and feels time move slowly.  The idea of the poem is to show the negative affect of overlooking something.


A Poem: 6 Poems = 1 Poem: Breakfast

frying two large eggs,
in a small pan with butter,
while bacon crisps


the smell moves around,
of butter and smoked bacon,
filling all the house,
with a new scent of hunger,
which flows in wisps through all rooms


in back
the kettle heats,
on the warm metal stove,
it’s for the tea that’s in the pot,
that waits


the oven warms within its walls,
the bread that slowly heats,
it has a scent that fills the halls,
as each room the scent meets


the table is set with plates of white,
that are so clean and seem so bright,
and in a vase are yellow blooms,
that brighten all and dispel glooms,
and seem to fill the room with light

the plates have knives set to the right,
and on the left are forks in sight,
that napkins look like cloth made on looms,
the table is set

the table is set at the best height,
so all the chairs do not fit tight,
and in the house of all the rooms,
this one was most cleaned well with brooms,
so that the room would have no plight,
the table is set


the food is served upon the plates of white,
and has a scent that of itself tastes good,
it seems to be a very pleasant sight,
as it all seems just as it seems it should

the food is there with wisps that seem to rise,
up from the bacon, eggs, and bread and tea,
the breakfast there it seems as such a prize,
the best that there upon the plates could be

and the warm breakfast that is there that day,
it was prepared that morning after dawn,
with such great care and in a certain way,
before the cool of the new day was gone,

the breakfast was made early with such care,
and all the food it was a perfect fare.

Poem series: Space: Sonnet

There is a globe that sits against a wall,
with a stuffed bear that keeps it in its space,
it’s small and round and looks just like a ball,
and the stuffed bear does keep it in its place.

But the small globe does look at what is drawn,
the map that shows the water and the land,
and it does wish to travel and be gone,
and take the trip that in its in mind it planned.

But the stuffed bear does hold the globe quite still,
and though the bear does this with kind regard,
the globe it does still have a feel of will,
and does so wish to leave its present guard.

A globe that sees a world that’s drawn on it,
remains upon the shelf where it does fit.