Poem with an explanation: soup

legs and thighs
nine pieces
turned to eighteen


frozen mixed vegetables

for a week

doing the math
figuring the dollars per day
doing the math
hoping it lasts


In this poem a person has little money and little income.  They are planning how they will eat.  They are planning to make chicken soup with rice and vegetables and have that for every meal.

The person buys chicken.  The cheapest per pound they found was a large bag of legs and thighs.  It contained nine pieces of legs and thighs together that they cut into eighteen pieces.

The person uses the chicken to make soup.  Their soup has chicken, water, rice, mixed vegetables that they bought frozen, and salt.  With what they bought, they figure that it will feed them for a week.

The person then tries to plan out the month.  They do some math and figure out how much the food cost them and how much it would cost them per day.  They do more math and hope their money lasts them for the month.

In the poem the person has little money.  To deal with this they eat the same thing for every meal and make their food in large quantities.  The person though still wanted food they thought met a minimum standard for themselves.

Poetry topic idea: soup

Today’s poetry topic idea is soup.  There are a lot of ways a poet could reference soup in a poem.  A poet could write about:

  • Different types of soup.

  • The making of soup.

  • Ingredients in soup.

  • The idea of soup (different ingredients together to make one thing).

  • Stretching the amount of food by making it as soup.

  • Things eaten with soup.

  • Soup vs. stew.

  • Soup as a metaphor.


Here is an example poem using soup:

Is it soup?

served over rice.

Is the answer in how it’s served?
Is it in how it’s perceived?
Is there a technical definition to go by?

Does the answer matter,
or is there more to this
than a name?

Poem with an explanation: Fire place

The fire glowed as words of ode were read aloud.

The soup simmered, its broth glimmered, in the black pot.

And by a chair there laid a pair of two small dogs.


The above poem utilizes the experimental poetry form: Lines with internal rhymes that was described on this blog in the June 5, 2014 post.

The scene is of someone sitting by a fire in a large chair, reading poetry, while they cook soup in a pot over the fire, and dogs sleep on a rug in front of the hearth.  The scene is winter, in the evening and it is relatively dark inside the home where the scene is.

The poem is short, and rather than telling a story, simply shows a scene.