Poem with an explanation: flying through the walk

sparrows fly each day
ten hours across the field
turtles look and walk


This poem is about ease and difficulty.

For some people, certain things are very easy.  They do them effortlessly.  For other people, those same certain things are hard.  With great difficulty they accomplish their goal.

In this poem, the sparrows do something easily.  The sparrows fly.  This is nothing to them and they do it each day.

The turtles though find traveling hard.  It takes them ten hours to cross a field.  This is contrasted with the speed and ease of the sparrows’ travel.  The turtles notice this and continue.  They accept their situation although it weighs upon them.

The idea of the poem is to show a human feeling with animals.  This situation can often come up in life.  A person can struggle to do something, and then see someone else do it effortlessly.  Seeing this, the person feels worse about their situation.  They feel their lack of ability is amplified.

This poem is a 5-7-5 haiku.  The second two lines go together.

Poem: the sparrows sang

One last short song,
the sparrows sang,
to honor her,
who used to hang,
the small feeders,
filled high with seed,
that she did hang,
for birds with need,
before the time,
when she got ill,
and lost the strength,
but not the will,
to feed the birds,
who now did sing,
a song she heard,
as she did cling,
to what small strength,
she had inside,
and she did hear,
before she died.