Poetry topic idea: aluminum cans

Today’s poetry topic idea is aluminum cans.  There are a number of ways a poet can use aluminum cans in poetry.  Some ideas include writing about:

  • The different beverages that can be in aluminum cans.

  • Recycling.

  • The idea that the fluid in aluminum cans, once opened, is only good for a short amount of time.

  • Fragility mixed with strength. Aluminum cans are fragile, in the sense that they can be easily crushed.  They are strong though because they can bear a relatively large amount of weight.

  • Preservation.

  • Mining.

  • Cans

Here is an example poem using the idea of fragility mixed with strength from aluminum cans:

seventy hours
collapsing on the sofa
a long week at work

Artwork to inspire poetry: Lizard


Above is an artwork of a lizard.  It can inspire poetry.  One idea is that a poet could write about the idea of someone or something trying to appear tougher or stronger than they are.

The lizard in this artwork is inflating its neck which has bright colors.  This makes the lizard look larger and possibly more imposing to predators or other lizards.  The display though, has nothing to do with the actual toughness of the lizard.  The inflated neck has nothing to do with the lizard’s strength, other than possibly indicating some level of its health.  It is just for show.

A poet could apply this idea to people.  They could apply it to physical confrontations, for example where one person thinks they may have to fight another person, and so they try to appear tougher than they are to scare their opponent off.  They could also apply it to business, political or social situations.  There are many instances where one party to something may be in conflict or have dealings with another party, and it can be to the first party’s advantage to appear stronger than they are.  Sometimes the illusion of strength can be advantageous in a situation.

He is a poem inspired by this artwork:

When they called
to schedule
the job interview
he paused a moment
to check his imaginary calendar
before letting them know
when he would be available.