Experimental Poetry Form: basic

Today’s experimental poetry form is called basic.  It is a basic form.  It has the following qualities:

  One stanza

  Ten lines

  Ten syllables per line

  Iambic pentameter

  Even lines rhyme

Here is an example poem written in the form:

Poor Jeb, he sat beneath the glaring sun,
as in the house the air was clean and cool,
and Jeb did call and hope that some would hear,
and that he would not seem to them a fool.
But in the house they did not know the heat,
and thought that Jeb he simply broke a rule,
they felt no sun like poor old Jeb did feel,
and in their minds no sides did fight a duel.
And Jeb’s poor eyes did shine beneath the sun,
as on the ground his tears did form a pool.

A photograph to inspire poetry: plants with yellow and orange flowers

plants with yellow and orange flowers

Above is a photograph of plants with yellow and orange flowers.  It can inspire poetry.  Some ideas include poems about:

  • The sun. The flowers look like the sun with a central part with yellow radiating out.  A poet could write poetry about the sun.  They might write science fiction poetry about multiple suns.

  • These flowers look happy.  They are bright and open.  A poet could write poetry related to bright, open happiness.

  • The flowers are in a group.  A poet could write about a group of people and relate them to the flowers.


Here is a poem inspired by the photograph:

There is one sun,
but really two.

In the north,
the summer ends,
and fall is near.

In the south,
the winter ends,
and spring is near.

Up in the sky,
there is but one,
but upon the earth,
two circle above.

Though time is the same,
as the two suns circle,
time goes,
in opposite paths.

Experimental Poetry Form: Centered Stanzas

Stanzas: 4

Alignment: Centered

Syllable counts per line of each stanza: 4, 8, 6, 4

Rhyming: second line of each stanza

Here is an example poem written in this form:

The sun blazed hot,
a branding iron from the sky,
searing those down below,
who walked the path.

Looking for help,
each drop of sweat a question why,
stumbling along asphalt,
in confusion.

In the bright sun,
collapsing there as vultures fly,
in the delirium,
seeing blue waves.

As the mind drifts,
and those birds circle up so high,
thoughts of white snow fade off,
as eyes grow dark.