Artwork to inspire poetry: Table with a book and a candle

Table with book and candle

This artwork is of a table with a book and a candle.  It has five objects in it: the wall (grayish blue), the floor (purple), the table (orange), the book (green) and the candle (blue with a red and yellow flame).

The artwork was done in a way as to have a certain style.  It is not detailed, the colors generally cover large areas of the scene and the shapes are simple.  There is also some white and gradations of color.  Additionally, the book and the candle and flame were done over the colors of the wall and table.  Also, the colors of the table and floor were chosen so as to be somewhat less than usual.

The idea behind the artwork is simple and subdued and it is meant to inspire poetry that is like that.

Poetry topic idea: a table

Today’s poetry topic idea is a table.  While a basic thing, a table can have many poetry ideas.  Below are some examples.  A poet could write about, among other things,

  • the forest the wood for the table came from (assuming the table was wooden)
  • someone paying bills at the table
  • people eating a meal at the table
  • the factory or workshop where the table was made
  • the idea of support, which is what a table does
  • different levels of tables, from simple to fancy, and ideas with them
  • the symbolism of a table made of metal or particle board made to look like solid wood
  • the symbolism of a scratch in a new table
  • a table being assembled
  • a table that is too small
  • a table that is too large

Each of these ideas could be expanded to incorporate many themes and other ideas.  The general idea would be for a poet to use a table as a start for exploring further topics.