Post Series: The Orange Series: A photograph to inspire poetry: Uncertainty


One day,

an orange loquat? –

triple uncertainty.


Post Series: The Orange Series: Poetry topic idea: Orange

The poetry topic idea of the post series The Orange Series is possibly somewhat obvious: orange.  Rather than looking at many aspects of orange though, one aspect will be focused on in terms of a poetry topic idea: the idea that the color orange is made of parts.

The color orange is made of the colors red and yellow.  Depending on the proportions, the particular shade of orange can vary.  The idea that something is made of parts, and that how those parts interact can affect the thing, can be the basis for a poem.

Some examples of ways that this idea might be translated into a poem would be things such as ingredients in a meal, people at a gathering or building materials for a project.  The idea is that a poem could be written that focuses on the parts that combine to make something.  In the poem, there could be a focus on the idea that how those parts interact can affect the thing.

Post Series: The Orange Series: Experimental Poetry Form: Orange

This experimental poetry form is inspired by orange.  It has:

  • Six lines – as many as the letters in orange
  • The meter is trochaic hexameter – trochaic because the word orange is trochaic and hexameter because there are six letters in orange.
  • The rhyming pattern is ABABBA – this matches the vowel/consonant pattern in orange

Here is an example poem using this form:

Orange blossoms

Orange blossoms brighten wooden trellis borders,
many growing outward; shining as if bright lights,
randomly placed as if having no clear orders,
and like dragonfly bands in short random quick flights,
seeming to shine in the sunlight as if like kites,
like the bright things gathered by birds that are hoarders.

Post Series: The Orange Series: Poem: Orange


The brightness flows and pops and shines.
It fills the space.  It fills the room.  It’s in the eyes.
There’s warmth and feeling and emotion.
As the mind searches, there’s thoughts of fruit and flowers, sunsets and stars, dog eyes and butterflies.
There’s sherbet and soda,
and little jars of marmalade.
As an accent,
as a tie,
a shirt,
a scarf.
It’s hidden,
without attention,
without intention.
It’s loud,
but isn’t.
It blends away,
even though it’s seen.
It’s bright and there and in places.
It thinks of red, and thinks of yellow,
but is its own.
It is a color,
it is a sense.

Post Series: The Orange Series

On M. Sakran’s blog of and about poetry and poetry related things, there are a number of types of posts, including:

Experimental poetry forms,
Poetry topic ideas,
Artwork to inspire poetry,
Poems with explanations, and
Photographs to inspire poetry.

As of yesterday’s post, each of these types of posts has had ten posts each. In light of this milestone, a new type of set of posts will be added.

The next six posts, with the exclusion of Monday’s post (which will have a poem from M. Sakran’s collection of poetry entitled First Try), will be part of a post series. While there have been series’ of poems on this blog, there has not been a series that encompassed different types of posts. This will be the first of that type of series.

This series will be The Orange Series. The Orange Series will focus on orange and orange will in some way influence each of the next six posts (with the exclusion of Monday). There will be one post each from each of the types of posts listed above.

Please enjoy The Orange Series.