Poetry topic idea: thirst

Today’s poetry topic idea is thirst.  A poet could write about:

  • Being thirsty

  • Dehydration

  • An inadequate supply of clean water

  • The idea of being thirsty, with, for varying reasons, undrinkable liquid available

  • Quenching thirst

  • Drinking liquids

  • Thirst in survival situations

  • Thirst as a metaphor


Here is an example poem that uses the idea of thirst:

an empty glass
a pitcher nearby
a child wanting attention

Post Series: The Poems with Explanations Series: Emptiness


swallowing air,
a stumble in the fog,
a grasping at the mirage.

A step,
an empty box,
another step,

A blank paper,
being read,
from the podium,
with no microphone.

a list of words,
searching inside,
but emptiness.


This poem is about thirst.  It is about trying to describe what severe thirst is like by someone experiencing it.

The first stanza starts with emptiness.  This is the feeling inside the mouth as the idea of thirst is attempted to be described.  As the mouth is opened, there’s a sense of trying to find relief, but there isn’t any.  This is described by the line swallowing air.  The next line, a stumble in the fog, describes a sense of disorientation.  As it continues, there’s again a sense of unfulfilled hope described as a grasp at the mirage.

The next stanza describes the search for relief.  There’s movement and a search (a step), but relief isn’t found (an empty box).  The search continues (another step), but there still isn’t relief (another).

The poem then acknowledges how difficult it is to describe what severe thirst is like.  There are not words that describe it in an adequate way.  This is described as A blank paper, being read, from the podium, with no microphone.

The last stanza comes back to the first.  It acknowledges the emptiness, realizes that there are a list of words, like parched and dry, that can describe the feeling, but, as a way to describe it that is sufficient is looked for (searching inside) it isn’t found (but emptiness).

Poem Series: Experimental Poetry Forms: Eight: The dog outside

A plate of food with knife and fork,
  the dog outside does make a sound,
a feeling of some right and wrong,
and though inertia adds a weight,
the thought of justice fills the mind,
and so the chair is pushed on out,
and steps go to the nearby door,
and food goes in the bowl with sound.

The work is done, a glass is filled,
  the dog outside pants in the heat,
though rationality does speak,
and though it sounds most clearly sure,
a sense the words it says are false,
does cause the legs to move away,
the handle then is slowly turned,
and water flows for the poor hound.

The lightning strikes and thunder cracks,
  the dog outside whimpers in fear,
the logic says that all is fine,
that what is feared is far away,
that there outside all is alright,
but then the thought of being there,
does cause the hand to turn the knob,
and have the dog feel like it’s found.

An ache is felt within the back,
  the dog outside takes time to stand,
and though it seems to be excess,
as the small pills fall in the hand,
those words come back and fill the ears,
and as the pain does the twinge again,
a note is made on the short list,
and the next day new pills abound.

Alone without a voice nearby,
  the dog outside is still and stares,
and though the sense is felt inside,
it takes some time to realize,
that there outside it is felt too,
and so a thought does then occur,
and the small ball is carried out,
and the dog jumps with a large bound.

The dog next door did run away,
  the dog outside sits by the fence,
and though a search is made for days,
the importance of it is low,
until the eyes of the dog stare,
and ask for help without loud words,
and then again the search goes on,
as cars do drive and search around.

The vet was called, the time was set,
  the dog outside did hesitate,
the words were said that this was good,
and words were said of benefit,
but in the car the dog did shake,
and as it went some tears did fall,
and then the sense of this from past,
had empathy grow in a mound.

The man outside did fall and cringe,
  the dog outside did understand,
and the dog barked at the near fence,
and the dog barked with a loud sound,
and men did come in uniforms,
to make the dog have silence then,
but they did see the man who fell,
and then the dog did bark unbound.


(38/40) Experimental Poetry Form: Eight

Poem series: Rondeaux Three: Thirst


There was a thirst that was inside,
behind the throat it did reside,
it felt empty but filled with need,
and it had hope for one small deed,
and this small need it did not hide.

With each swallow it did confide,
with the near mind that was the guide,
that it did want the mind to heed,
there was a thirst.

The mind did know it had not lied,
and that this pain it could not bide,
that the body it should so lead,
and that its form it should so geed,
to fill the need that was so cried,
there was a thirst.