Poetry topic idea: four holidays

Today’s poetry topic idea is four holidays.  Depending on what you celebrate and where you are, today is four holidays.  It is:

  • The Feast Day of the Apostle James

  • Leif Erikson Day

  • Columbus Day

  • Canadian Thanksgiving Day

A poet could write one or more poems about one or more of these holidays.  It would be a good opportunity to learn about each day, what or who is being celebrated, and how each day came about.  It might be particularly interesting for a poet to learn and write about a day that they don’t normally observe.

Of the four days noted above, Columbus Day might be the one that comes with some amount of controversy, depending on perspective.  If that’s the case for a poet writing about it, they could always write about it from that point of view.


Poetry topic idea: hunger

Today’s poetry topic idea is hunger.  Here are some ways to use it in poetry:

  • A poet could write about a momentary hunger for food. Think of an experience where a person misses a meal.  Think of the sensation of hunger they might feel.  This could be used in poetry.

  • As an alternative, a poet could write about a sustained hunger for food. Think of a person living in poverty, who might only get one meal a day, or every other day.

  • In another idea, a person could write about someone who is hungry in association with a purpose. For example, think of someone on a hunger strike.

  • A person might also write about hunger associated with an eating disorder.

  • Hunger could also be used metaphorically in poetry. A person could hunger for many things other than food.  A poet could write about those.


Here is a humorous example poem using hunger:

M. Sakran is hungry,
  (oh … remember the Scotch egg from yesterday)
but will not have breakfast,
until this post is done.

Oh why isn’t the post done yet?!

Poetry topic idea: humidity

Today’s poetry topic idea is humidity.  Humidity could be used in different ways in poetry.  Here are some examples:

  • When humidity is high, it can sometimes feel oppressive. This idea could be used as a metaphor for situations in life.  Poets could write about work, politics, social issues, relationships and other ideas using the metaphor.

  • Humidity can be integral to a place. There are many places in the world that are identified with humidity.  A poet could use this idea to tie the content of their poem to a place.

  • For conditions to be comfortable, humidity, among other things, must be within a certain range. If it is too low, things feel dry.  If it is too high, it feels too hot.  A poet could apply this idea to many things in life.  They could write about many things that are good within a range, but not good if they fall out of a range.

Poetry topic idea: The Moon

Today’s poetry topic idea is the Moon.  The Moon is the answer to the riddle in yesterday’s poem.

The Moon can inspire a number of poetry ideas.  The poem yesterday used three.

In the first stanzas of the poem (after the part where the riddle is said to be a poem) the idea of perspective is examined.  If a person looks at the Moon in the right way, it can appear to fit between their fingers.  It almost looks like it could be held.  In some way, it looks very small.

In reality though, the Moon is very large.  It is one of the biggest things a person will ever see (with the exception of other things in space).  This is a strange dichotomy.

From one perspective of sight, the Moon can appear very small.  From another perspective of relative size, the Moon is very large.  It can depend on how a person is thinking about it.

This idea of changing perspective could be used in poetry.  Many things can seem different depending on how they are viewed.  This includes visual things, but also a person’s emotional response to situations.  Things can appear differently depending on how they are viewed.

In the second stanza of the main poem, the idea of defined uniqueness is examined.  The Moon is one of many orbiting satellites in space.  There is, in some sense, nothing special about the Moon.  There are many “moons”.  Despite this though, the Moon is special.  It is the Moon of Earth.  It has a uniqueness to this planet.

This idea can be used in poetry.  There are many examples where something feels unique but really isn’t.  Think of all the mass produced items a person owns, for example.  Each of those items are theirs.  Each of the items has a certain uniqueness and history.  Despite this though, each of the items is mass produced.  Each is one of thousands or millions.  There is little unique about them, at least at a high level.  While the items may have acquired some uniqueness over time, they are still very similar to many other items.

In the last stanza of the main poem, the idea of what is seen compared to what is real is examined.

Throughout a month, the Moon goes through phases.  To someone just looking up, the Moon appears to appear and disappear.  There are times when no Moon can be seen.  There are times when only half the Moon can be seen.

Despite this though, the Moon isn’t really appearing or disappearing.  To the best of M. Sakran’s knowledge, it is being covered up by the shadow of the Earth.  The Moon is still there.

This idea of what is seen being compared to reality can be used in poetry.  The obvious example might be watching a magic trick.  To a person watching, the magician sawed the assistant in two.  In reality though, the assistant was fine.

In a somewhat more typical poetry sense, the idea could be applied to human relationships.  There are many times where someone’s seen actions are different from their feelings and motivation.  This idea could be used in poetry.

Poetry topic idea: importance

Today’s poetry topic idea is importance.  A poet could write about:

  • The disconnect between what a person says is important to them and what their actions show to be important to them.

  • The idea of how importance is determined and how importance is ranked.

  • The perception of importance.

  • The disconnect between what is seen as having importance and what actually has importance.

Poetry topic idea: dream

Today’s poetry topic idea is dream.  A dream can be different things.  It could be an aspiration (e.g. a person dreams of owning their own business), it could be a fantasy (e.g. a person dreams of living on another planet), it could be a story imagined during the day (i.e. a daydream) and it could be something a person subconsciously imagines at night.

Some poetry ideas using dream might be where a poet writes a poem:

  • About a dream (as in the kind at night) that they had.

  • In the style of a night dream, using imagery and symbolism.

  • About their dream (as in aspiration).

  • About an unrealistic dream (a fantasy aspiration).

  • About a daydream. They could connect it or contrast it to reality.

Poetry topic idea: escaping

Today’s poetry topic idea is escaping.  There are different ways to apply the idea of escaping in a poem.  A person could write about:

  • A person escaping something harsh, like captivity.

  • A person escaping something mundane, like a boring meeting.

  • The idea of a vacation as an escape.

  • Escaping in a light fashion, like someone escaping from a date that isn’t going well.

  • Escaping from different points of view, such as the person escaping or a person who might not want that person to escape (e.g. a prisoner and a prison guard).

  • Escaping metaphorically, like a person escaping a way of thinking.

Poetry topic idea: food poisoning

Today’s poetry topic idea is food poisoning.  There are a number of ways this could be worked into a poem.  Some include poems about:

  • The effects of food poisoning. A poet could write what it is like to suffer from the effects.

  • Food poisoning that occurs because of negligence. For example, a poet could write about a lax food preparation worker.

  • Food poisoning that occurs because of intent. A poet could write about someone intentionally poisoning someone else with food.

  • A broad view of the phrase “food poisoning”. A poet could write about food that is unhealthy (for example, because of too much cholesterol) or unsafe (for example, because of pesticide residue), but is not considered food poisoning in the sense that it isn’t food that has a bacteria that causes illness.

Poetry topic idea: distraction

Today’s poetry topic idea is distraction.  There are different ways the idea could be worked into poetry.

A poet could write about being distracted.  They could write about trying to do one thing while other things compete for their attention.  The other things could be external, like another person in the room wanting something, or internal, in that the person is distracted because they are thinking about something.

A poet could write about one person distracting another person.  One person might distract another for various reasons.  Maybe someone is trying to steal from someone else, and so they distract them so they can do so.  Maybe a person is trying to get someone not to see something, like the mess in another room, and so they distract them so they won’t notice it.  There are other ideas.

As another idea, a poet could try to write a poem in a situation in which they are distracted.  For example, a poet who has trouble focusing when there is noise around, could try to write a poem in a noisy place.  The idea would be to see what result there is.