Poetry topic idea: crying

Today’s poetry topic idea is crying.  The idea of crying can be worked into poetry in many different ways.  A poet could write about:

  • Crying from sadness. This is the most obvious idea.  A poet could examine any number of sad situations and the crying that happens with them.

  • Crying from happiness. This is somewhat of the opposite of the idea above.  A poet could examine the idea of overwhelming emotion.

  • Crying from pain. The idea here would be to examine crying that has a physical cause as opposed to an emotional one.

  • Crying from laughter. Sometimes people laugh so hard they cry.  This idea could be examined.

  • Crying from fear. Sometimes people cry when they are scared of something.  A poet could examine this idea.

  • Crying from something in the eyes. The idea would be to examine the idea of tears flowing without emotion or necessarily pain (but maybe discomfort).

  • Someone else crying. The above ideas might be applied to the poet.  A poet might think of themselves crying from one of the causes.  With this idea, a poet would write about observing someone else crying.  They could look at the emotion felt seeing someone else experience emotion, pain, or discomfort.

Here is a poem using the idea of crying:


after the doctor spoke


Poetry topic idea: electricity

Today’s poetry topic idea is electricity.  There are a number of ways a poet could write about electricity in poetry.  A poet could write about:

  • Electrons. A poet could look at electricity at its fundamental level and write about the subatomic particles.  They could write about the nature and attributes of them.  They could personify them as well.

  • Electricity as something that is used. Think of having lights, fans, computers, and other things in modern life.

  • Electrical components. A poet could write about electrical components such as resistors and capacitors.  A poet could apply the function of these components as metaphors to situations in life.

  • Electrical attributes. These include things like Ohms, Watts, Amps, and Volts.  A poet could learn about each of these and write about the ideas involved in them.  For example, a watt is a unit of power.  This idea could be used symbolically in poetry.

  • Electrical fixtures themselves. These might include switches, outlets, lights, and fans.  Things that might be found in a home.

  • Electricity as a metaphor. Electricity is sometimes used as a metaphor in everyday speech.  Think of the “electricity” of attraction as an example.  There are other ideas as well.  A poet could use electricity itself as a metaphor in poetry.

Here is an example poem:

when the electricity goes out,
it’s amazing,
how quickly,
your house,
starts to feel,
like a box,
in the woods

Poetry topic idea: crepe myrtle trees

Today’s poetry topic idea is crepe myrtle trees.

It’s almost that time of year.  People are going to be pruning their crepe myrtle trees.  Some though, rather than pruning their trees properly, will, for some reason, lop the tops off.  Don’t do this.  Don’t.  It’s not the way to prune a tree.  It’s not.  Don’t do it.

Crepe myrtle trees have been written about on this blog before.  You can read the posts here: crepe myrtle tree posts.  Please read the posts.  If you are the type of person who lops your crepe myrtle trees, change.  It’s not too late.  You can do it.  M. Sakran encourages all readers to learn proper tree pruning methods and to prune their crepe myrtle trees properly.

After learning about pruning, readers can also write poems about crepe myrtle trees.  There are a number of ideas.

  • Of course, you could write about pruning them. You could write about why lopping them is very, very, wrong.  If you used to do this practice, and have changed, you can write about this change, and how wonderful it is.  If you see lopped trees, you could write about their plight.

  • Crepe myrtle trees have bark that peels off. You could apply the idea of peeling off an outer layer metaphorically to other situations.

  • Crepe myrtle trees have many flowers. You could write about the flowers directly or use them symbolically in a poem.

  • Crepe myrtle trees are beautiful trees (when pruned properly). You could write about how nice they look.


Here is an example poem:

Oh the poor trees,
with their tops cut off,

They suffer,
and cry,
and plead,
that they will be spared,
this horrible fate.

if only those reading this,
would prune their trees properly,
and encourage others to do so,
what joy would be felt,
what happiness.
far and wide,
would cheer.

Please spare the trees.

Poetry topic idea: winter solstice

Today is the winter solstice.  Happy shortest day of the year! (If you are in the southern hemisphere – happy summer solstice.  Happy longest day of the year!)

This day can inspire poetry.  The ideas of darkness, light, seasons, change, turning points, and so forth can all be used in poetry.  They can be applied to many different ideas.  Here is a poem inspired by the day:

the doctor said,
for the first time,
it got smaller



Because of Christmas, there will be no new blog post on the blog December 22 – December 25.  The next new blog post will be on December 26.  Merry Christmas.

Poetry topic idea: Saint Nicholas

Today is Saint Nicholas day.  Happy Saint Nicholas day!

Santa Nicholas is the model for Santa Claus.  Saint Nicholas was Archbishop of Myra and was a wonderful person.  All should take the time to learn about Saint Nicholas.

As you learn about Saint Nicholas you can write poetry about him.  You could write about:

  • What he did at the Council of Nicea

  • Miracles attributed to him

  • The story of him helping the tree girls

  • How he compares to Santa Claus

  • Various groups he is the patron saint of

  • Various Saint Nicholas day celebrations

Here is a Saint Nicholas inspired poem:

Shoes left outside the door,
coins and candy found inside,
commemorating just one of the things,
you’ve done.

Poetry topic idea: exercise

Today’s poetry topic idea is exercise.  There are a lot of different ways a poet could use exercise in poetry.  Below are some ideas.  A poet could write about:

  • Different types of exercises. For example, a poet could write about weight training, jogging, or swimming.

  • Exercising at different levels of fitness. A poet could examine the difference between what it is like to exercise when a person isn’t very fit and what it is like to exercise when a person is.  They could look at this from the person’s point of view or from the point of view of others.  They could also examine it from a before and after perspective.

  • Goals of exercise. People exercise for different reasons.  Some people exercise to lose weight.  Other people exercise to gain muscle.  Some people exercise because of sport they play.  Other people exercise to prevent a disease.  There are other examples.  A poet could write about different ones.

  • A person’s view of exercise. Some people like to exercise and other people don’t.  A poet could examine both points of view.


Here is an example poem using exercise:

He heard the comments,
as he labored by,
and knew it was wrong.

But six months,
and two hundred and forty miles later,
he couldn’t hear anything,

he was moving too fast.

Poetry topic idea: paint

Today’s poetry topic idea is paint.  There are a lot of ways to use the idea of paint in poetry.  Below are some.  A poet could:

  • Actually paint a poem. Rather than writing with a pen or pencil or typing on a keyboard, a poet could paint their poem.  This could turn their poem into art.

  • Be inspired by a painting made by someone else.

  • Paint a picture that inspires a poem.

  • Write about painting a picture.

  • Write about painting something utilitarian like a wall, house, car, etc.

  • Write about how something looks painted in a metaphorical sense, like a landscape.

  • Write about the physical properties of paint. It’s thickness, how it looks, how it dries.

  • Write about paint on a person, like a person might paint their face to be a character in a play.

Poetry topic idea: Halloween

As today is Halloween, today’s poetry topic idea is Halloween.  Happy Halloween.

There are a number of ways a poet could write about Halloween.  A poet could write about:

  • Trick or treating.

  • Costumes.

  • The history of Halloween.

  • Alternatives to Halloween.

  • Frightening things.

  • Horror movies.

  • Candy.

  • Jack-o-lanterns.

  • Decorations.

Poetry topic idea: cards

Today’s poetry topic idea is cards.  There are a number of types of cards.  Some include: credit cards, debit cards, identification cards, playing cards, security cards, key cards, business cards, greeting cards, and post cards.  There are others as well.

A poet could pick one or more of these or other types of cards and use the idea of them in poetry.  Here is an example poem:

The business card,
went in the bowl.
Would he get,
the free dinner?