Artwork to inspire poetry: cicada shell

cicada shell

Above is an artwork of a cicada shell.  It can inspire poetry.

A cicada shell shows what is left behind after a transition.  This idea can be applied to many situations for poetry.

For example, a poet could write about a toy a child stops playing with after they get older.  Another example might be a car a person trades in after they have children.  There are other examples as well.

The basic idea could be to write about something a person leaves behind as they transition from one state in life to another.  This notion could be viewed from different perspectives depending on the idea the poet wanted to get across.

Here is an example poem:

walking past
the vending machine

day one of the diet

Artwork to inspire poetry: yet another apple artwork

yet another apple artwork

The artwork above is yet another apple artwork.  There have been some number of apple artworks on the blog before, and well, this is yet another one.  Apples are nice fruit, and are good practice for drawing.  Additionally, they can inspire poetry ideas.

This particular apple artwork was made using colored pencils.  The colored pencils were blended using cotton swabs and then rubbing alcohol.  The rubbing alcohol is what gives the somewhat foggy, blurry affect.  This particular artwork went through some number of iterations.  Although it isn’t certain, it is likely that this artwork was not computer altered.  It is likely that it was just scanned.

A poetry inspiration that could come from this artwork is the idea of transition and blending of colors.  In the artwork, the colors transition and blend.  There is a pink type color on the bottom.  This transitions to a reddish color toward the top.  This then is transitioned and blended with an orange color.  In other places, the colors transition to a green color.

One obvious use of this idea would be to write poems about fall.  Fall is approaching, in the northern hemisphere, and fall can often involve a transition of colors.  Leaves change colors, as is obvious, but other things change colors too.

The colors people wear can change in the fall.  The way people decorate their homes can change.  The types of produce, and therefore the colors of what is seen, can change at grocery stores.  Types of animals in areas, and therefore the colors of the animals seen, can change in areas.  In these situations, colors transition and in some cases blend together.  There are other ideas as well.

In writing a poem about the transition and blending of colors, a poet could be literal, metaphorical or blend the two.  A poet could use the idea to talk about other things.

A photograph to inspire poetry: Caterpillar


Above is a photograph of a caterpillar.  There are a number of ideas related to this photograph that could inspire poetry.  For example:

  • The hazardous look.  This caterpillar has red marks and spines.  They may give an impression of hazard.  A poet could focus on the caterpillar’s attempt at defense.  For example, if the caterpillar is actually hazardous, a poet could focus on poison or the physical danger from the spines. If the caterpillar is not actually hazardous, but just appears to be so, a poet could focus on the caterpillar’s attempt at deception.
  • The pre-transition phase.  Assuming that this caterpillar has the potential at some point to turn into a winged creature, then a poet could focus on its current pre-transition phase as a subject for a poem.
  • Physical ability.  This caterpillar is climbing on a vertical wall.  This is one representation of its physical ability.  Relative to its size, this caterpillar might possibly have a variety of physical abilities, such as climbing to a high relative height or walking a long relative distance, which could be used in a poem.
  • Perilousness.  This caterpillar is in a relatively perilous state.  There are potentially many animals that could eat the caterpillar.  This possibly could be a subject of a poem.

There are also other ideas related to this photograph that could inspire poetry.  Please feel free to use this photograph, as well as the ideas mentioned here related to it, as inspiration for a poem.