Poem: and she said no

they taught the world
as the wind did blow
but then she stood
and she said no
she knew the words
of long ago
and spoke the truth
that she did know

they said that she
did not speak right
that she spoke words
of dark and night
they said that she
should change her sight
and see the world
in its own light

but she said no
she knew the way
she would not think
as they did say
despite their words
and come what may
in her belief
she’d always stay

they said that she
did speak a lie
that she was wrong
and they knew why
they held their signs
as they did cry,
“you are so wrong,
and we know why”

she left the place
and walked alone
their words did hit
like stick and stone
and as she left
she heard the tone
of that one word
they did condone

but in the light
she felt a sound
it came near her
and moved around
it cut the ties
and all that bound
and she did know
what she had found


Experimental Poetry Form: coins

Today’s experimental poetry form is called coins.  In the United States, there are pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars, and dollar coins (there may be others as well).  This lends itself to a poetry form with the numbers: 1 (penny), 5 (nickel), 10 (dime), 25 (quarter), 50 (half dollar) and 100 (dollar).

The poetry form consists of five stanzas.  The first stanza has just one syllable, the second five, the third ten, the fourth twenty five, the fifth fifty and the sixth one hundred.  The number of lines, in all but the first stanza, as well as other structural elements, such as indentations, are variable.

Here is an example poem written in the form:


stand up,
and hear now,

the words that will be spoken,
by the twelve.

The thoughts they form,
from all the images,
will from now,
and for all who speak,
and hear,
be the truth that is.

Though not being,
not seeing,
not hearing,
not knowing,
the mark is made,
as words are said,
and into iron,
it is seared,
and into stone,
it is carved,
and all who see,
and all who hear,
will know the truth,
that is.

Yet what is this,
that they all speak,
that all affirm,
to now be truth?
It is half of life,
and half of sense,
and half of anything,
that is.
It is a cloud,
that stands,
with might,
and form,
and shape,
and with a yell,
says it is of stone,
and yet its strength,
is just a myth.
For the words that are said,
the truth that is chiseled,
are only words,
and only thoughts,
and are not stone,
and are not steel.
Yet all stand,
and hear words,
that are now truth.

Experimental Poetry Form: third word is the first word

Today’s experimental poetry form is called third word is the first word.  The form consists of ten lines, each ten words long.  The first word of each line, for lines two through ten, is the third word of the previous line.  So the first word of line two, is the third word of line one.  The first word of line three, is the third word of line two.  This continues for the remaining lines.  Here is a poem written in the form with italics and bold to show the word pattern.

When that silver bell tolls softly in the far distance,
silver butterflies take flight as if on a soft breeze.
Take care though, of the bright silver shine and sound.
Though appearing as though a charm, it is a curse.
As silver in the light and on the breeze shines,
in the glow dark bats hide and let out shrieks.
Glow and resonance hides the truth of coming devouring death.
Resonance is a shield of deception for all that follows.
A warning given, is to beware the sound and shine.
Given the truth, shield your eyes and ears now quickly.

Bilingual Poem: Somewhere there are lies

Somewhere there are lies,
blocking the sound of truth,
claiming they are wise,
somewhere there are lies.
With force there are cries,
in a way that is uncouth,
somewhere there are lies,
blocking the sound of truth.

El alguna parte hay mentiras,
bloqueando el sonido de verdad,
afirmando ellos son sabio,
el alguna parte hay mentiras.
Con fuerza hay gritos,
en una manera es grosero,
el alguna parte hay mentiras,
bloqueando el sonido de verdad.


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