Experimental Poetry Form: Underplay

Case: all words lower case
First line: one syllable
Second line: three syllables
Third line: two syllables
Rhyming: none
Meter of second line: unstressed – stressed – unstressed
Meter of third line: stressed – unstressed

This experimental poetry form is about subtlety of presentation.  The intent is for it to be used in the presentation of a topic with depth, but in a way that underplays that depth.  This underplaying is accomplished by having only lower case words, only three lines and only six syllables and by having no rhyming and ending each multi-syllable line with an unstressed sound.

As an example, here is a poem about being afraid:


in darkness

The point of the structure of this poem is to underplay the idea of being afraid.  There is so much more that could be said about the state of being afraid and it could be said with more strength of tone.  This poem’s structure is meant to intentionally underplay the emotion.  The intent is to have the reader feel that there is more there.  The poem briefly describes the state, but only briefly.  The elements of the form are meant to combine to underplay the idea being presented.