Unter Commemoration August 19, 2020

This is the last blog post in the Unter commemoration.  Tomorrow is the last day a new blog post will be posted on the blog.

Unter was a very good dog.  He was big, gentle, happy, playful, and simply a good dog.  He is missed.  Goodbye Unter.


going outside
filling the water bowl
setting it down
giving you treats
cleaning your eyes
adjusting the fan
petting your head
sitting by you
in the afternoon

Unter Commemoration August 18, 2020

there are only so many words
to paint the picture
it never seems complete


This poem is about trying to describe Unter.

It can be hard to describe a dog.  How many ways can a dog be described as friendly or cute or happy?  How many ways can a bark be described or the way he sat or how he moved?  Somehow the words can seem incomplete and repetitive.  They don’t get across how he was.  They don’t get across what he meant to people.  Somehow the words leave the picture incomplete.

Unter Commemoration August 12, 2020

in the future
maybe when the weather is nice
there might be a walk
a long walk
along the ways
you used to go
the places you used to be.

You used to love to walk;
it seemed one of your greatest joys.
It seemed to make you so happy.

in the future,
maybe when the weather is nice
there might be a walk
a long walk.

Note: As a reminder, the last new blog post on this blog will be on August 20, 2020.

Unter Commemoration August 10, 2020

drawing you can be difficult,
and might not look quite right,
so here are some words instead.

You were a good friend
and a very good dog.

You were nice,
and calm
and happy.

You liked simple things
and little things brought you joy.

You loved to go for walks.

You loved to see your people,
and wanted them around you.

You made others smile.

You were silly,
and playful.

You were a good dog Unter.