Poetry topic idea: Waking up

Waking up can be an interesting poetry topic because of the different perspectives from which it can be viewed.

A poet could, for example, focus on waking up in the literal sense of the cessation of sleep.  With this literal sense, the poet could focus on a variety of ideas such as the transition from unconsciousness to consciousness, the ending of a dream (and the subsequent transition from imagination to reality), or the start of a new time period (which interestingly does not have to imply morning).

A poet could take the literal meaning of waking up and extend it.  A poet, for example, could focus on waking up as returning to consciousness after sedation (for example after a medical procedure).  The poet could also have a different perspective and focus on waking up from a coma.

In addition to the literal sense of waking up, a poet could focus on it figuratively.  A poet could use the idea of waking up to describe someone coming to a realization or someone deciding to make a change.

A poet could also utilize the idea in a metaphorical sense as in a machine waking up or an emotion waking up.

These perspectives above could be used alone or combined in different ways to make an interesting poem.  There are also other ways to view the idea of waking up in addition to the ways mentioned here.

Waking up is an interesting poetry topic because it can be viewed from many different perspectives.  Please feel free to use the poetry topic idea of waking up to write a poem.