Poetry topic idea: paper

Today’s poetry topic idea is paper.  When writing about paper, a poet could write about things like: letters, origami, writing, drawing, paper airplanes, notes, lists, tearing paper, forms, books, wallpaper, toilet paper, and newspapers.

Here is an example poem using the idea of paper:

an old western
where a man scribbled a will
leaving his saddle and gear
to the man who found him
before he died
because there was
no one else

Poetry topic idea: westerns

Today’s poetry topic idea is westerns: films, books, shows, and so forth depicting the time period in the American west from around 1865 to 1900.

Westerns can be an interesting idea to write about because there are so many things to them.  A poet could write a poem about the actual west, things in the west, the western genre, or interpretations of the west or depictions of it.

Different ideas a poet could write about include: western towns, ghost towns, cowboys, ranchers, Native Americans, settlement, homesteaders, expansion, western law, western technology, horses, railroads, telegraphs, barbed wire, cattle, cattle drives, sheep, western violence, farming, and prices and pay in the west among other ideas.

A poet could also write about western movie actors, western directors, specific western films, specific western television shows, specific western books, how old westerns related to the time period they came out, how old westerns relate to today, modern westerns, old westerns made in the modern era, and authenticity in westerns.

Here is an example poem about westerns:

So what,
if the sheriff’s horse,
had white socks,
in one scene,
and no socks,
in the next?

they got dust on them,
or maybe,
the white was just from the light,
or maybe,
the sheriff switched horses.

There are a lot
of very reasonable

It doesn’t mean
they made a mistake
in the movie.

Poem with an explanation: that eyes will see

Beside the straw,
upon the dusty ground,
the herbs lie,
and the rock that shines,
away the rocks,
are pushed away,
and as eyes close,
there is hope,
that hawks will see,
and that eyes will see.

This poem is about a person experiencing a medical condition that may have a sudden effect.  Think of a person with, for example, blood sugar problems, and they are concerned of a sudden change.

The person is about to go to sleep on their bed (the straw).  In their concern, they place medicine beside them on the floor (upon the dusty ground, the herbs lie).  They also have a phone on the floor (and the rock that shines – think of someone on a mountain shining a mirror so they can be seen).

The person leaves the door of their bedroom unlocked (away the rocks, are pushed away).  And as the person sleeps (and as eyes close), they hope that if something happens that others who live with them will come by (that hawks will see) and that they themselves will be alright and wake up in the morning (and that eyes will see).

The imagery used in the poem was that of a lone person in a rocky desert place, like might be seen in a western movie.  That was used to convey the idea of the person with the medical condition.

In some ways this is a poem about vulnerability.  The person realizes they may need help both from medicine and from others and they take steps for both of these.

There is some form to the poem, although it was not intentional.  The lines have a word count pattern of 3,4,3,5,3,3,4,3,4,5.  As can be seen all of the lines have a word count of 3, 4 or 5 lines.  Additionally, the poem is 10 lines long, which might be seen as a good number of lines for a form.