Artwork to inspire poetry: A Christmas box

Christmas box

This artwork is of a Christmas box.  The original box was made of wooden cube-like blocks.  There were eighty eight blocks.  The blocks were glued together to make the box and individually painted.  A sealer was then applied.  There are hinges holding the lid.  A picture of the box was taken and it was computer altered to give the artwork shown.

This artwork can inspire poetry.  A poet could write about:

  • What could be in the box and the significance of it.

  • The idea of individual pieces making a whole.

  • The idea of tradition, as shown by the red and green coloration.

  • The idea of making something by hand.

  • The idea of gifts.

A Poem: Peppercorns

The last few peppercorns, just one layer thick, at the bottom of the mill.  Little, pointed, black spheres – waiting.  A whole column.  Hundreds.  Turned and ground and spread.  Dust is still at the bottom.  Little black specks.  Some white.  Some brown.  A smell.  Aroma.  The layer waits for the turn.  Soon parts will disappear.  Then a quarter.  Then a half.  They all will fall in.  And soon they are dust.

wood is fed
into the wood chipper
clouds dissolve