Poetry topic idea: injuries

Today’s poetry topic idea is injuries.  There are a number of aspects of injuries a poet could write about.  They could write about: how they occur, different types of injuries, how injured people respond, how people around injured people respond, treatment for injuries, and recovery from injuries.

Here is a poem that uses the poetry topic idea injuries:

All right,
it’s time for your x-ray,
if you could just put your broken arm,
in the most uncomfortable position possible,
no wait … a little more uncomfortable,
no wait … a little more,
there you go.

Now just hold that for five minutes.

Experimental Poetry Form: 8/30/3 with choice

The following experimental poetry form combines line count, syllable count and rhyme in a form that has some choice regarding its application.

In the form there are:

Eight lines.  The poet can choose the stanza structure for those lines.

Thirty syllables.  There is no syllable count per line requirement.  The poet can choose how many syllables are in each line under the thirty syllable restriction.

Three lines that rhyme.  The poet can choose which three of the eight lines rhyme.

Here is an example poem written in the form:


What gave you that idea?

That thick lead wall,
that’s so tall?

That’s just there …


hold on, have to run to the hall.