A photograph to inspire poetry: black wasp with yellow markings

black wasp with yellow markings

Above is a photograph of a black wasp with yellow markings.  It is on a fig leaf.  This photograph can inspire poetry.  Here is a poem inspired by it:

the tasty figs
they seem for you
but this dark day
you’ll surely rue

beware the sting
of what you see
reach for the fig
and stung you’ll be

A photograph to inspire poetry: plants with yellow and orange flowers

plants with yellow and orange flowers

Above is a photograph of plants with yellow and orange flowers.  It can inspire poetry.  Some ideas include poems about:

  • The sun. The flowers look like the sun with a central part with yellow radiating out.  A poet could write poetry about the sun.  They might write science fiction poetry about multiple suns.

  • These flowers look happy.  They are bright and open.  A poet could write poetry related to bright, open happiness.

  • The flowers are in a group.  A poet could write about a group of people and relate them to the flowers.


Here is a poem inspired by the photograph:

There is one sun,
but really two.

In the north,
the summer ends,
and fall is near.

In the south,
the winter ends,
and spring is near.

Up in the sky,
there is but one,
but upon the earth,
two circle above.

Though time is the same,
as the two suns circle,
time goes,
in opposite paths.

A photograph to inspire poetry: a tiny winged creature on a citrus leaf

a tiny winged creature on a citrus leaf

This photograph is of a tiny winged creature on a citrus leaf.  It can inspire poetry.  One aspect of it that can inspire poetry, is the colors of the creature.  This little creature is brightly colored with orange, yellow and green.  A poet could see this and decide to write about:

  • Someone who is wearing orange, yellow and green
  • An orange, yellow and green piece of jewelry
  • Orange and yellow flowers with green plants around them
  • Orange, yellow and green lights
  • A painting that is orange, yellow and green
  • Orange, yellow and green fruits

Artwork to inspire poetry: Collage


Above is a collage comprised of items from two photographs.  The two photographs are from the October 1, 2014 blog post The Purple Berries and the October 14, 2014 blog post Yellow Flower.  The collage is made of various computerized cut and copied portions of the photographs with a pale blue background.

This collage can inspire poetry in a number of ways.

One way is simply from the idea of how a collage in general is made: a number of portions of different things are combined to form one thing.  A poet could use this idea to write a poem.  For example, a poet could have lists of words inspired by different things (for example, one list of words inspired by purple berries and the other by a yellow flower), and combine the words in different ways to make a poem.

Another way this artwork can inspire a poem is by the idea of abstractness.  This collage is abstract.  While different portions can be recognized (purple from the berries, yellow from the flower, green from other areas) the portions are not arranged in a way that they make one picture.  A poet could use the idea of abstractness in a poem.  For example, a poet could combine contrasting elements into one poem.  The elements could be kept separate in some way (such as in separate lines or stanzas) such that each element is clear, but the combination of them is abstract.  An example of this could be a poem that had lines, for example, about day and night.  Each line would be clear, but the combination of them could feel abstract to the reader.

Additionally, a poet could look at the collage and be inspired by what it seems to represent.  It appears like a plant with purple berries, yellow flowers, green leaves and brown stems against a pale blue sky.  A poet could see this and write a poem about that plant.

A photograph to inspire poetry: Yellow Flower

Yellow Flower

Here is a photograph to inspire poetry.  It is a photograph of a small yellow flower.

There are a number of inspirations for poetry that could be drawn from this photograph.

One is the idea of the stages of the flower.  In the photograph, there is a blooming flower, flower buds, and spent flowers.  The idea of stages can be used in poetry.

Additionally, this flower could be considered a weed.  This could lead to the poetic examination of something like social class (the idea being, why is this flower a weed, but other flowers are not?).

Another idea would be to examine contrast.  In the photograph, the yellow flower contrasts with the green plant.

Also, this photograph could generally inspire a nature themed poem.